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Remember Your Humanity

The Universe would like to remind you to remember your humanity.  Your world has been shifting so quickly that it may be challenging to keep your feet under you.  Things you thought you could rely on no longer exist, loyalty may be met with indifference and loving for love’s sake seems to have gone by the wayside.  Do not give up hope, dear one.  Even a wildly swinging pendulum must come to rest eventually.  Just be you and all will be well. ~ Creator

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Return To Peace

Too often you let the war within take over the flow of the Universe. Head/heart, logical/illogical, right/wrong, good/evil, close/distant, love/hate…none of this really matters. When the war is over, the Universe is still waiting, as calm and quiet as it has ever been, for your return to peace. ~ Creator

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Chaos Or Release?

The Universe asks you to take a moment and reflect on your Earth-plane existence. What fun you have had creating all the complexities, twists and turns, ups and downs! Now think about what you would like to create in your next ‘now’. You can continue to create the chaos or release and let it be as simple as a stone falling from your hand to the ground. The beautiful, immutable gift of free will has always been yours. ~ Creator

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Forgive Yourself

On forgiveness; you may expect, ask for, count on, demand or beg for it.  However, if you are unwilling to forgive yourself, the practice becomes futile.  Forgiveness is a free-flowing exercise in trusting that all will be taken care of in perfect timing and in the best way for your own healing and growth. ~ Creator

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Do Your Best

My dearest child, with all the clearing going on, you may be having a challenging time finding which way is up.  Just when you feel you are catching your breath and getting the hang of it, another experience from your past rises to be examined and cleared.  Do not be dismayed at this!  These things have been waiting a very long time to be transformed and, even though it can be painful, they deserve to be released in the highest and best way.  Do your best and know that peace and joy will soon follow. ~ Creator

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Carry It Carefully…

Inside you exists a very important part of something so much bigger than you realize. That small spark of The Divine you carry in your heart will soon unite with the others and bring about a huge explosion of Light the likes of which has never been seen on your Earth plane. Carry it carefully, breathe love into it and know YOU are part of The Universal Plan. ~ Creator


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