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Nothing Written Is Ever Completely True

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I'm going to share something that's helped me immensely with understanding spiritual writings: don't believe everything that you read. I highly recommend approaching it from the understanding that the person who wrote it is very much a human being, and still growing in their personal understandings. They're still developing, and they likely have plenty of their own illusions that they're not yet aware of. What they tell you may even be 95% accurate, but there's still that 5% to watch out for.

I recommend approaching the messages this way no matter who they claim to be channeling. A 5D Being wants you to step into your Higher Self so you can be like They Are, that's what they're here for. What They're not here to do is make channelers and their followers completely dependent upon Them. That feeds into the illusion that people are weak stupid cattle, and not the amazing, blessed, and Divine Beings that Humans truly are. You all have this Connection to Truth, not just certain special people.

There's also the fact that our language is designed around communicating 2d and 3d thoughts. When I'm talking about Truth, I'm talking about God, I'm talking about the Transcendent Reality that exists beyond the limited mind. Do you have any idea how incredibly complex God Is? I can feel the wonder of this directly, but I couldn't possibly write it down. We have such a restricted vocabulary to communicate God, only a handful of words such as Oneness, Source, Spirit, Truth and Love.

What is the ego?

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Our society shuns real individuality and encourages conformity. What you're supposed to wear, how you express yourself, what you do, the way you behave, all of this is supposed to conform to certain norms. If you don't, chances are you'll be cast out, rejected, shunned, and in some places you can even be locked up for being "mentally unfit". Since we're social beings, this doesn't feel very good, and it's understandable that people attempt to change who they are to fit in. We learn to put on masks to hide the socially unacceptable parts of ourselves, and most in our society have worn that mask for so long they have trouble telling between the mask and what's underneath. This mask is what we call ego.

Mainstream society equates ego with self, and this means a whole lot coming from a society full of people out of touch with their authentic self, their True Self. They've lost themselves in the mask they wear, so of course they believe the ego is their "self".

Then there's the "spiritual" people who will tell you that you need to make peace with your ego. The ego is born of separation, it is the source of conflict in your life. If you're really at Peace, there is no ego. There's more than a few spiritual gurus who believe they're masters of their ego when it's more the other way around. The tail wags the dog. They may let go of certain parts of their ego, only to strengthen other parts, such as the desire to control others.

Fear is an illusion

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Don't just believe this because it's a popular thing in New Age teachings, if you just believe it you'll really miss the deeper understandings that come through personal revelation. You can come to this realization through your own experience, it's quite simple to see for yourself the illusionary nature of fear. When one of your fears arises, don't run away, don't feed into it, don't resist it, don't fight it, just observe it. You strengthen your fears by avoiding them, and that's all fear is, avoidance.

What happens when you really look at your fears without backing down? They lose some of their power over you, don't they? When you really really look at them, feel what's behind them, look at the fear entirely, it disappears! It was never real to begin with, but you gave it an illusionary existence by feeding the fear with your life energy. Fear is really nothing more than this, a parasitic thought form.

Compare what happens when you look at fear to what happens when you look at Love. Put your attention on your own Heart, your Connection to God. When you pay attention to these loving feelings, when you really focus upon your own Heart, the Love grows, doesn't it? Fear is fed by avoidance, while Love is fed through Awareness. Fear and Love, unconsciousness and Consciousness, avoidance and acceptance, illusion and Reality. Which is your choice? I recommend paying more attention to the way you behave than what you tell yourself in your mind. Watch for patterns that arise, experience that keep repeating themselves.

The Fear Of Finding Truth For Yourself

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At first this may not seem like it's really an issue, it seems like something people would naturally choose. Who wouldn't want to know the truth? But when you really look at society, people who search for truth themselves is actually a rarity.

We're programmed to behave otherwise from a very young age. It's easier in the short run for a parent to teach their child exactly what to believe. It's more convinient this way, and it's likely the way the parent was raised so they really don't know any better. Then the child goes to school where they're taught what's "important" and a whole lot more of what to believe. As the person grows up, the influence of school and parents is generally replaced by mainstream media, the government and other "authorities" such as bosses, priests, self-help/spiritual gurus, there's always plenty of people who will tell you how to live your life.

All of this can firmly establish a behavior of being totally reliant upon someone or something else to tell you what's "true". This is a horrible thing for anybody who really wants a free or democratic society. It establishes a system where a few "special" people can control millions, and it creates a society full of people who are dumb and dependent. People automatically believe certain sources, and they just unconsciously take on beliefs because they believe the source is an "authority" on truth. Even for people who have broken off from mainstream society, they still often have these same deeply-ingrained patterns.

Truth Is Disturbing to Those Living a Lie

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Would you rather have a reassuring lie or a disturbing truth?

The mind likes to believe it has life figured out, it desires complacency and conformity. It automatically accepts things that support it's illusions. These make the mind feel like it's in control, it feels powerful, it feels right. It can keep building up illusions, and surround itself with people who support them.

The mind wants things predictable, and when something comes along and disturbs this, the mind becomes afraid. The mind doesn't usually like change, these threaten its beliefs and its false sense of peace. People react with rejection, projection, "fight or flight", all of the various defense mechanisms to protect what the mind believes.

People's beliefs ought to be disturbed, to be shaken up, to be challenged and questioned. People need to have fires lit underneath their butts, not to go read some generic spiritual message that tells them what a good job they're doing. That's what the mind wants to hear, how great it is. The mind's baby, the ego, gets a nice boost. These kind of spiritual messages don't really encourage radical transformation, I feel they're more a form of entertainment that anything else.

Simply Being - The difference between non-action and inaction

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This is an extremely old bit of wisdom, but even today it's rare that someone really understands it. People are so caught up in doing things, all day long they just jump from one thing to the next without a moment in between. Even when they're finished with everything they believe they "have to do" for the day, they immediately jump to some form of entertainment, like a book or the television. Every night when they lay down for bed, when they have this blessed opportunity to relax and simply Be, they instead think about the past and the future, and all their worries. More doing, doing, doing, and when the alarm wakes them up in the morning they jump out of bed and resume the same patterns.

This above example is someone who is so caught up in what they're doing that they never have a moment to simply Be. There's billions of them on this planet, beings who are cut off from their own Being. Can you drop everything you're doing right now? Can you let it all go? Please, stop reading right now, take a moment to just Be without any expectation for the future or attachment to the past.

Being Aware of Others Feelings Without Making Them Your Own

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This is something we get asked about fairly often, so I want to go into it in some detail. You've probably noticed that if you're around certain people for a while, you may start to not feel very good. Especially around negative people you may feel tired, a little bit ill, and emotionally drained. Every interaction between human beings is an exchange of energy, and while an equal exchange can be very synergistic and beautiful, an unequal exchange of energy can be a very ugly thing.

Everyone is empathic, every single human being. It may not appear this way, as most people live their lives so unconsciously they're barely aware of what they're feeling, but they still have that empathic connection to everyone they interact with. They say a smile is contagious, and this is one example of the empathic connection. Happiness can spread like wildfire, though the same is also true for suffering when the beings are disconnected from their feeling center. A negative interaction in the morning can ruin someones whole day, and also spread to other people around them.

So how do you stop taking on energy from other people? I'm not even sure that's possible, nor would I want to as that would cut off the empathic connection to others and prevent things like real compassion. However, what you can do is recognize when you absorb energy from another, and then release it. With some practice, you can do this effortlessly and almost immediately, though at first you may have to remove yourself from the situation before you can clear your energy.

The Myth of External Salvation

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Maneuvering the Ship through Beauty
by Walkingsoul

There's so many things in "modern" life that feed into this illusion that we need someone or something else to come and save us. It's the basis of many religions, yet the pattern is even still there for many who have given up on religion. We believe some other person is going to come along and fix our life, to save us from unhappiness. How convenient that would be, but I've never seen it work that way except in movies. Trying to find someone else to "fix" you doesn't bring salvation at all, it's precisely why we have so many co-dependent relationships.

Now it is possible for two people to assist each other with self-discovery, and this is the basis for a healthy relationship. It can be very healing to see things from someone else's perspective. Part of what makes things so difficult for people is they believe only their perspective is valid, and seeing things from a very limited perspective can make our problems seem much bigger than they really are.

So what is salvation? Well that depends on your definition and the religious definition is far different than the way I see it. Many religions teach that you're born into sin, that you're evil by nature because of something a very distant ancestor did. If they can get you to believe this, then they can sell you the belief that you need to follow their rules to be "saved". They teach that believing in someone else is going to save you. They teach that someday some event will come when everybody is saved, or at least the people who believed the "right" things.

The Worst Thing That Could Ever Happen

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The most horrible thing I can ever imagine happening to a being is for them to believe they're separate from God. I don't think it could get any worse than that. If this were to happen, people would forget what Love really means, they would descend into fear and suffering. They would poison themselves with hate, lie, cheat, steal, enslave and even murder people who are really their brothers and sisters. No, I don't think I could imagine anything worse than that.

The greatest darkness is to no longer be able to see the Light, to be unaware of your own Soul. Isn't this how most people live their lives? Is not the world run by fear and greed? There's always exceptions because of the incredible potential of the human heart, but collectively, humanity is still very much in darkness.

Hell isn't some place you go when you die, it's something you create for yourself through your own mind. Even a pope once admitted the truth about hell, he said that "Hell is separation from God". I could not describe it any better.

So why do I bring all this up? Mostly because I don't believe ignoring the problems is going to make them go away. People have already tried that, it hasn't worked at all. Another "solution" people having tried is hoping for a better future, yet in the thousands of years people have been doing that it hasn't worked very well either. Political solutions have been attempted, and what a joke those have been. There's this myth that's even spread by spiritual people today that a new economic system is going to fix things, yet I don't believe for a moment that's a real answer.

Take Off The Rose-Colored Glasses

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There's people who view everything very optimistically, and there's many spiritual messages that encourage you to think only positive thoughts. This is what known as "seeing the world through rose-colored glasses". Even mainstream society often encourages it as some kind of solution to what is wrong with the world. It's not a real solution though, as more often than not it just encourages a person to ignore what really needs to change.

One of the big problems that comes from the rose-colored glasses is that you actually miss out on the real beauty of existence. All the "positivity" is often just the mind's rejection of what it perceives as negative, so the person with rose-colored glasses is just as caught up in their mind as a pessimistic person. If you just focus upon your mind's interpretation of what is, you're really missing out, you're only seeing through your mind's filters. A small child, they don't interpret everything as positive or negative, and because of that they can really see the wonder of Creation.

Optimism and pessimism, they're really just two sides of the same coin, dualism. Someone caught up within duality has to interpret everything as either good or bad, and rose-colored glasses just feed into this illusion. That which is judged as "bad" is often ignored completely, the optimist tries to pretend like it doesn't exist. This isn't a recipe for change at all it really just keeps things exactly the way they are.


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