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~Why We Feel So Tired So Often~ 2011 July 19 ~GALACTIC LOVE REPORTER Celia Fenn~

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 ~Why We Feel So Tired So Often~

2011 July 19







Many people who are going through the Indigo to Crystal shift find that intense fatigue and tiredness are two of the predominant symptoms of their shift. They feel exhausted all the time, and just want to sleep. And when they do sleep, they sleep deeply and do not want to get up.

So, what is happening, and why do we feel this way.

Archangel Michael explains that there are three different processes that cause the fatigue. These are:

  • Emotional Body Clearing
  • De-toxification of the Physical and Subtle Bodies
  • Full Multi-Dimensional Consciousness

Each of these aspects can be handled in a different way.

~Rainbow Elemental Energy~

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Saturday, 16 July, 2011  

July is awakening to match energies of being free to recognize who you are and how you stand up to and for yourself. And by standing up I am seeing the waves of rainbow of energy that is flowing in all directions around us. So take a seat and really take a look around you at everything that is going on.. Even as beings of light we can be aware of so much more than ever before.

~The Emerging New Energy Body Within~

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I have been working with the inner and outer energy body for close to 10 years. The energy body itself became really enhanced in my field of vision as I incorporated massage into my approach at working with the energy body, this was 6 years ago.

My approach to understanding the individual energy body goes like this:

Wake up Call: Horus

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Channeler: Nancy Tate

Wake up Call: Horus July 18, 11

Dear ones on the surface, I Horus am here today to tell you of an advancing movement that is going to interrupt the ideas that the illuminati have implemented on the moon. It is well known through certain channels that there is life on the moon and that there has been for eons. In fact once it was created from the splitting of Tiamat it has had some form of habitation.

One of the things that are taking place on the moon as I speak is the continuation of the intervention that began 50 years ago by the Galactic Federation and other members of our cosmic family. There has been much intervention in place on the moon that the illuminati from earth have been implementing in order to assure their power place on the planet and to seek control over weather patterns and cosmic affects on earth.

Multidimensionality ~ GALACTIC LOVE REPORTER Peggy Black and the 'team~!

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________ Message from the "team"_________

~ GALACTIC LOVE REPORTER Peggy Black and the 'team~!




This transmission from the 'team' is long yet I feel it is a very good one,
may it serve you.



We are here; we greet you with the deepest appreciation and love. It is our honor to connect with you in this manner, acknowledging your magnificence and growing awareness of your own multidimensionality.

We realize that when we express our acknowledgment of your multidimensionality, it might trigger some questions within you. What does it mean to be multidimensional?

How do I know that I am multidimensional? How do I become conscious of the many multidimensional aspects of who I truly am? Multidimensional is not a term commonly used when you introduce yourself. Just the idea that someone could be multidimensional is a real stretch in your beliefs and old programs. The universe is more complex and more expanded than your 3 dimensional realities can embrace.


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We come to you today dear brothers and sisters of the stars to guide and support in relation to UNITY and heart centred life experience. We are the Arcturians and once more we give love and blessings to this channel for stepping aside so that this message may be brought to all across the planet earth. For many channels a new energy that comes in can be confusing and many channels are not following their heart and putting trust and faith in the messages they are bringing through. Dear ones we guide that if you “usually” channel a certain energy and another steps forward then please check with your heart as to what is happening. We guide strongly that over the coming weeks more energies will step forward through different channels.


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