The Awakening Daily was created as a way to track a wide variety of news sources from a single site. We pull articles from various other sites and collect them all together for easy viewing.

The sites featured on The Awakening Daily are primarily independent news sources. This is very important to us because the vast majority of Western news media is controlled by only a few major corporations who use their influence to promote their own interests. The line between mainstream news and propaganda has been blurred to the point that people are starting to doubt everything they see and hear.

The sources on The Awakening Daily are also ones that tend towards a positive outlook on life. They don't ignore the problems we face, but at the same time they focus upon solutions as well. That being said, our sources offer a large spectrum of opinions and perspectives. We don't necessarily agree with everything that we share here, but we feel that understanding other's perspectives is key to fostering Love and compassion.