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Aligned Holistics is a coaching services company that empowers individuals to achieve their goals and make them stick.  As a coach, writer, and wellness expert, Amita works with individuals to break through their barriers and embrace lifestyle change from the inside-out. Her unique 5 Pillar Approach empowers clients to create sustainable health and happiness.

"Hi there, we are Anna and Sabrina. We are moms, yoga teachers, and women on a quest for awareness. We are on a mission to provide you with useful information so you can boost your well-being, enrich your diet and invite balance into your life.

Awareness Junkie sprung from our own pursuits of living full, balanced, transformative lives and from a strong desire to connect with people beyond our daily interactions. We want to hold space for you who are searching for answers, celebrate with you when you succeed, and be inspired by you as you change the world, and yourselves, one step at a time."

"Collective Evolution (CE) believes in creating change by thinking outside the box. We aim to challenge the current status quo by shaking up how we currently think about the world. We encourage and inspire each other to take action with the goal of bringing to life a bright future for us all."

We believe that you must be the change you wish to see in the world…

That to change the world the for the better, you must first change yourself for the better…
And that this is the key to overcoming humanities biggest challenges and ushering in a new era of consciousness, awareness, compassion and prosperity for all life.

GreenMedInfo is dedicated to providing evidence-based natural medical information. Through both open access, paid memberships and high-quality educational products, GreenMedInfo provides physicians, healthcare practitioners, clinicians, researchers and consumers a resource to determine the therapeutic value of vitamins, minerals, herbs and foods.

We are a Conscious Media Aggregation organization.

If ordinary people really knew that consciousness and not matter or material possessions is the link that connects us with each other and the world, then their views about war and peace, environmental pollution, social justice, religious values, and all other human endeavors would change radically.

We seek to disseminate and inspire out-of-the-box thinking and act as a catalyst for people to discover the limitless potential that exists inside us all.

Watching the world evolve and transform

Exposing the truth one lie at a time

"We created Truth Theory because we wanted to find an easy way to bring thought-provoking, educational, and entertaining material to anyone with an Internet connection.  We believe that the mainstream media increasingly practices self-censorship, is manipulated and often, ignores many opinions and historical events.  With the media distorting or ignoring information, it’s often very hard to get an accurate picture of a problem, even while watching the news. "

"Our mission is pretty simple; we offer information that we think will help people to live better, see through the lies, and break down the old ways of thinking and being that no longer serve our society."

"Waking Times, Where Evolution and Revolution Collide, is an independently owned and operated online magazine that seizes on the transformational power of information to trigger personal revolution and influence humanity’s evolution."

I'm a twenty-something writer & blogger with an interest in spirituality, revolution, music and LOVE. I operate The Culture of Awareness, a daily news blog dedicated to raising social and spiritual awareness and supporting the evolution of the planet. I also have a personal blog, Openhearted Rebel, in which I share my writings related to spirituality, creativity, heart-centeredness and revolution (among other topics).

"So, What’s a “Wisdom Pill”?

It’s a daily medication we highly recommend. Each post we offer is just that: a pill of wisdom, easily digestible, completely free of charge and possessing only long-term, enlightening side effects. There’s a ton of intelligent information out there, but what good is it without the wisdom to properly apply it? This is where we come in."

"The vision of the Godwriting™ International Society of Heaven is to share God's words in Heavenletters™ with the whole world.

Whoever we may be, when we read Heavenletters, our view of life, ourselves, and the world change. Little by little, just by reading Heavenletters we grow."

Hello, my name is John Smallman. I have been taking dictation from my friend Saul since 1995. He is a spiritual entity whose messages over the years have been inspiring and uplifting for me.

"transcribed by Jennifer Farley, ThetaHealing Instructor/Practitioner"

Dedicated to raising spiritual awareness