The Twin Flame Runner And Fear Of Love.

by Manel Blanco

The information in this article applies to everyone, but it has a special relevance to twin flames, as one of the reasons the twin flame runs away is due to an overwhelming feeling of love and the emotions that surface during the relationship. 

Fear of love is a paradox that affects almost everyone, hard to perceive, but one fairly easy to understand. The difficulty lies hidden in the fact that everyone is looking for love, to love and be loved, so how is it possible that someone who's looking for love can be afraid of what they're looking for? First, everything in life is a paradox. And second, it is not so much fear of love itself, but the inability to allow it and receive it. 

The signs are fairly visible and can affect both partners in a relationship. One reacts disproportionately to signs of affection, avoiding them at all costs. A person who suffered any kind of abuse in childhood would not feel at ease when they're touched in the most loving and kind ways. They're just not used to it. Some people would let their partners know how uncomfortable it makes them feel. For some others to reject this kind of approach is automatic and perhaps they don't even know the reason for their behaviour.