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The Voice: One Path to Ascension

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Written 15 years ago "The Voice - One Path to Ascension" is available FREE during this time of great transition. This book tells the story of Lightworkers picked up on Earth by members of our Star Families, taken to a Training Center in the Plaiedes and prepared for their mission back on Earth in 2012 to help the planet and all its inhabitants Ascend as predicted by numerous sources including the Ancient Mayans.

This is a Training Manual for Souls, written as a story, but clearly delivering the essence of what Lightworkers and Starseeds are going through today in preparation for the great changes now taking place on our home planet, and their individual roles in helping their fellow humans make the transition as well.


My Gift to You, my fellow Lightworkers, Starseeds & Wayshowers.




Dr Moe

The Brotherhood of Light - World Liberation Day

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The Brotherhood of Light


World Liberation Day

(Received and Edited by Dr Moe)



The Light has finally shone down on us this day,

this day we shall call Liberation!


The Light has lifted Itself up to praise and honor those Lightworkers below, standing guard on Mother Earth.


Be at Peace!  Be at Peace!  Be at Peace!


The Light says "trust your heart now, for that is the only way to Heaven from this day forward."


FREE EBOOK Predicted This Ascension 16 Years Ago - And I Didn't Know It Till Today

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The Voice - One Path to Ascension


Hi there, Maurice Turmel here. AKA "Dr Moe" for some of you.



This is a novel I first "received" and wrote over a ten month period in 1995 / 1996. I self-published it in 2005, figuring it was time to do something with it. So I worked with iUniverse Press and the book came out as:The Voice - A Metaphor for Personal Development. That paperback version is still available at Amazon.com. I then re-released the project as an Ebook through Lulu.com in 2009 and changed the subtitle to "A Mythological Guide to Lightworker Service". Today, June 16, 2012 I was "urged" to change the subtitle to "One Path to Ascension" and give the book away. So here it is. Yes, it is Free, So Enjoy!





Occupy Your Heart - Nikola Tesla - Live Online Concert June 5/2012

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Attached are links to 2 videos recently shot at Niagara Falls announcing our upcoming concert for Lightworkers, Starseeds, Indigos, Wayshowers, all of you who are now aware of your role as Carriers of the Light for Ascension 2012.

This concert will be broadcast from my Home Studio, 10 minutes away from beautiful Niagara Falls, a power center of significant proportions, whos Hydro Electric capabilities were launched by the genius of Nikola Tesla.


June 4 is a partial Lunar Eclipse followed by the June 5/6 completion of the Venus Transit. On concert day, June 5, 2012, we will be celebrating our work as lightworkers, starseeds, wayshowers and ascension seekers through my style of Inspirational Rockin Blues.


We will also be honoring Mother Earth for her wondrous gifts and the gifts of energy given to us by such a genius as Nikola Tesla.  It so happens that June 5 is my deceased mother's birthday. It also happens that her name was Rhea.  In many of the world's mythologies, Rhea is the name for Mother Earth.  I call this a Kosmic Koinki Dinki!


Please join us won't you, and bring your friends.  We are finally coming out of the closet as the Wayshowers of this New Age


Promo Video Link:  http://occupy-your-heart.blogspot.ca/2012/05/stageit-concert-for-lightworkers-june-5.html


Dr Moe's YouTube Channel Link for Music Videos: http://www.YouTube.com/drmoe2000



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