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Contraction Or Expansion

As a human being, you are either in a state of contraction or expansion; think black hole versus nova. A black hole contracts, pulling everything near it to its center leaving nothing but darkness. A nova, even as a by-product of destruction, creates light beyond measure. This contraction or expansion of the spirit within is your doing, your creation, your choice. ~ Creator

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The Decision Is Yours

Your world is on the cusp of a massive change.  Over the past few weeks, humanity has moved closer and closer to proverbial line in the sand, the place where thought and action meet.  Some may be viewing this with trepidation, others with anticipation.  Regardless of how you are feeling, The Universe is caring for and supporting you.  The decision is now yours and your alone…continue to stand in one place or take the next step and fly. ~ Creator

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Divine Incarnate

It starts as a gentle stirring…a feeling of love in your being. It grows and pulses outward to everything and everyone around you. It is sent out to The Universe and is returned to you in waves. You will begin to love everyone, even those that do not appear to deserve it. This is when you know, really know, you are part of the Divine Incarnate. ~ Creator

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In A Blink Of An Eye

Before you arrived, each of you agreed to the things you would learn and the length of time you would be on your Earth plane.  Occasionally, the experience of linear time makes the challenging drag on ‘forever’ and the happy seem too short.  Regardless of how you are moving through them, please remember these moments are the reason you chose to be here now.

The true beauty of the situation is this; you never have to experience any of it ever again unless you want to and, in the grand scheme of things, your life happens in just a blink of the Universal eye.  Make the most of it! ~ Creator

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A Deeper Peace

With the arrival of the most recent energy, some of you may actually be questioning your sanity. (Smiling) The reality of this situation is you are being given yet another opportunity to clear your deep darks, the niggling things sitting deep in your psyche that may keep you from moving forward.  This is a definitive invitation from The Universe to examine, thank and release!  Without them, you would not be where you are today.  In letting them go, you will be able to find a deeper peace within. ~ Creator

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Just a reminder: you control your narrative.  If you choose to allow someone else to do so, then it is not yours.  During this time of immense change, you are being given the opportunity to branch out in unimaginable ways and forge new paths for yourselves.  You have a very short amount of time on your Earth plane, live your life with conviction and on your own terms. ~ Creator

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You Deserve It

The Universe knows many of you are very tired.  Standing in your truth, staying grounded and being the best version of yourself can be tiring, especially in today’s world.  Your efforts have not gone unnoticed. (Smiling)  Today, you are being invited to take a break, breathe and experience some peace.  You deserve it and you are very loved! ~ Creator


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