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NASA Releases Data on Mars Atmosphere

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Could it happen to us here on Earth. NASA released their data today on the Mars atmosphere. It was blown away by solar winds which created the dry red Mars we know today.

We finally have an understanding of what happened to the water on Mars. NASA researchers have just announced that Mars' once rich atmosphere was stripped by solar winds in the early days of the Solar System, causing the planet to dry out.

Solar winds blast out from the Sun at around a million miles per hour, but fortunately Earth is protected from these by our magnetic field. Mars used to have one of these, but lost it billions of years ago, which allowed the ions in its atmosphere to be effectively blown away.

Supposed Grey Alien Picture Taken in Bulgaria

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Hikers in Bulgaria this past weekend took a picture which later was found to have a supposed alien in the background.

I've seen it all around the internet the last couple of days so I figured I would post it even though I'm pretty sure it's about as fake as can be. Looking around I can't even find the name of anyone in the picture.

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