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Thank you star family

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It's a time of celebration! Of high flying into ourselves. Gosh I'm a happy girl. I celebrate my birthday today and I celebrate along with many others around the world anything, everything and all there is. Let me tell you a story. I love to talk to myself. Especially when I'm in the car alone. I host my own show, out loud. I talk to my star family and tell them about my day, I'm so sure I am not the only one doing this. I thank them for all they have done for us. I tell them I can feel them  through my tears of joy and I get my signals from this. I am very close to them and we share everything. Even now, writing these words the tears are welling. I dream about them sometimes and I understand what it is I must do. Hold onto them, love them and all beings that come my way. We cannot begin to comprehend what they are doing for us. We undertsand they cannot interfere with us, we can do this by ourselves, our higher selves. When we place ourselves here to regain our heritage, we slowly learn from them as they show up in the skies and dreams and bit by bit wait patiently for the planet to wake up. I adore talking to them, rather like giving a star date into the captains log. Dreamers are everywhere. As a child I remember having what I called a nightmare for months that had me tearing through the house to my parents bed to sleep. I remember the confusion...being in a white room, hearing a voice over a loud speaker, another language, strange yet familiar, and very loud. Then lying on a table waiting for something.  The door opening and a being coming in and I wake up. Then after many months, it ceased. I remember being obsessed with the skies, the stars and everything that moved "up there". I marched to a different drummer. Look back on your lives and see how they have unfolded. What it means to you. It is for you. I understand myself, as daily it changes. I don't see a bad dream long ago. I see a piece of some puzzle and for us all.

Welcome home

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It used to be sometimes, now it is all the time. The love I feel for every inch of a persons being, every animal, every short, everything. It bowls me over completely. I have seen you all so beautifully going about your days and I dearly love you. Now giving up the I, I stand as we. We all have music going with us. Your songs are sometimes so gentle that you are so faint and just glide along. Then, as an orchestra, you move with such ferocity. Your brilliance is quite evident. Some may not be aware of this, but it is so magnificent. Consider yourselves a marvel and you are a marvel. Everywhere you go you enhance. We are shaking it up and holding hands. The word "light" think on this....everything is simple. Since technology has become lighter so have we. Since buildings and structures have become less cold, so have we. Since time has seemed faster what is it saying to us. A simpler we? A letting go of the dense technology that looked so heavy and cumbersome, a letting go of the thick walls of buildings, a letting go of time to step into lighter times. To breathe, to be, to make it simple. You could say you are casting off the shackles of illusion to become limitless. So close, so close and then, here it is! It is here! Remember. Do you remember? You fell, but you did get up. You got up and you looked around and you were not alone. You were surrounded by the likes of all. They were smiling and crying with tears of joy. They wrapped their arms around you and said  "Well done, we are so very proud of you!" They thanked you for coming. They encouraged you with their silence, which made you feel so ever present in the moment. You filled with tears again. This was the time you had been waiting for.

These children

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Iv'e been teaching children the art form of drama for ages now. Probably much longer. Time has escaped me. Which I am grateful for. When I am with these very special children, time is elusive. I am seeing more and more children come to me with the gifts of wisdom. Indeed I feel connected to them so strongly as I was one of them and still am. I recently relinquished the need for labels and it has made me feel so much freedom. They come to me with purpose. They know what they want and in this changing world they crave freedom to be expressive. To be fully what they want, without separation. That is what I aim to give them. We delve into all aspects of "what can be". We explore space and music and a new way of being free. It engages me with it's purpose of fulfilling their wishes and I am excited by the outbursts of joy we feed to each other. The key IS freedom. There are no text books that state that this is how it is. We write our own books in class through improv. Through experience and imagination. They are well aware of what needs changing and what magic is in relationship to energy. They heal me with their sounds of glee and I can give them what they crave...Freedom. These children are us. It is my pleasure to be here escorting them and learning from them. It is challenging and promising and as long as we see them as our equals, the sky is certainly not the limit.Let's aim to bring this freedom into the home, the workplace, the schools. Working alongside others, as a team.  You have brought forth some very wonderful beings my friends. Lets celebrate them and give them, their freedom!heart

Carry on.

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You can't deny the feel of the world right now. It's electric. It could tip at any moment and yet, we go about our days. My grandmother would always say that during World War II, you were being bombed in London "every night for 40." You had to carry on. That's where that phrase came from "Carry on". Carry on meant go about your day as if nothing else mattered. Just because what did matter, was going about your day. She did say many people would get caught up in the misery of it all and panic. Then, she would throw a line to them and see if they wanted a cup of tea and a chat. I think that was her thing. Are we so different now? Are we not still living that timeline? But wait...this is different. Nana didn't have a computer to ponder over, but she had a radio. Music was the reality for many. They had their dances to go to. Oh the stories of dancing in the London Underground! Some of the filters have changed, but the story remains the same. There was an effort to cultivate teamwork. Someone had the "know how" and they all pitched in. There was a coming together, there were no divisions, no separations. The separation came from the higher ups. The ground crew consisted of us all. Taking in people because you have an extra bed. Sharing what you have because you have that free will. I can feel my grandmother around me now. She is here again, in this timeline, sitting with a cup of tea, and we chat. She knows we have a different story now. She is amazed by the great awakening and says "we had that too you know, but this time, I really think it's where everyone gets it". 

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