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Jupiter in Leo - Let Thy Heart Rule! by Gaia Earth Star

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Gaia Earth Star shares her insights about Jupiter entering fiery Leo as Saturn goes finally moves forward in Scorpio. Life is looking brighter my Dear Ones! Be the Queen/King of your Queendom/Kindgdom and rule with your heart. Allow yourself time to play, laugh, dance, create. Jupiter in Leo is about tapping into your inner child. It longs for your love and have so much love to give you. Live your life with passion. Let your Cosmic Sun Heart rule and shine on All!

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Lightworker Community Transmission with Gaia Earth Star December 17th, 2017

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Dearest Ones, I would like to announce my new offering

NEXT GATHERING: Tuesday December 17th, 2013 at 7pm PST, Full Moon in Gemini and Uranus, planet of Breakthrough and Freedom will go direct on that day!

REGISTER HERE: http://bit.ly/1dAv5jg

Gaia Earth Star is now offering “Lightworker Community Transmission”. This gathering purpose is to create a group energy field of light around the Planet, strengthening and grounding the magnetic field of Light and Love of each lightworker, assisting the Ascension of all beings on Planet Earth. Pranayam, kundalini life force, visualization and channeled meditation will be used. Gaia will open the space by sharing thoughts and wisdom to inspire and build the group energy. 

Details on how to connect to the Pleiadian circle of Golden Light will be sent after you have registered.

Please share with other lightworkers 

I look forward to holding this sacred circle of Golden Light with you all beautiful Souls.

Mother Earth Love 
Gaia Earth Star
Soul Astrologer, Pleiadian Channel & Spiritual Guide
"Remembering We Are One"

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