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As humans we tend to want control. Or that is what we think we want. What we really want is love, love is not control it is allowing. It favors those with a loveing intent those that do not it flows past/over like water. So i encourage you to LET love into your life do not try to make it come. You are love so do not put on anouther mask, take the one you have off. Masks are used to hide the parts of us not considered socialy acceptable but if we took off our masks all their would be is love. Words are so inadaquate for what i am tring to convey but hopefuly you get my point.
Your loveing brother
Word of this message ALLOW
Srry for all gramer errors

Mother Mary: You Are Entering a Period of Deep Refinement of Your Energies ~ Channeled by Fran Zepeda ~ June 23, 2013

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refinementenergies.imagesCABCHZ3CMother Mary:


Hello my dear ones, I am in awe of your development and your refinement in energy.


Much has transpired and it is ongoing as we speak. The solstice and super moon energies have made a huge impact on your Light Bodies and so you must rest intermittently to encompass and process it all.


Continue to absorb and welcome these energies without expectation and anticipation, but instead with complete acceptance and allowance, joy and gratitude. The more you open, the more transformation can take place. And it is not just in your Light Bodies; it is in every aspect of your world.


Hunker down to make the most use of these energies, dear ones. As I have said, it is ongoing, and much can shift and change within you as you open and receive without monitoring and judgment. Receive it like the welcome rain after a long drought and rejoice in the downpour.


You are entering a period of deep refinement of your energies and many doors will be opened for you in the coming days if you let your guard down and just be in the midst of it without any control of the outcome. Allow only your pure heart intentions to drive it and to sculpt the outcome, allowing any possibility to manifest that is in the highest good of all.


Loosen the reins a bit, and resist controlling the outcome, while at the same time seeing and feeling yourself in the circumstances you desire, always allowing for the details to be formed from surrendering to your Higher Self and Creator for optimal manifestation.


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