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Dream log night of 12/21/13

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Last night was an unusual one in the sense that I can recall roughly three separate ones. I think it is relevant to what a lot of us are going through right now. I will refrain from analyzing it very much but I think it will make more sense in the future but right now it seems as if we will soon be inhabiting a higher vibrational existence that others in a lower dimensional awareness will not be able to perceive yet.

There has been assistance given to us that will come in handy in the days ahead, or maybe just for me. Maybe I have been in the fight for so long that my ego has trouble letting go and surrendering. So without further delay, here is snapshot into my chunk of the universe last night. Dream Log night of 12-12-13



Aug 18 Blue Moon Galactic Upgrade & Update with the Hathors & Mother Mary

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Private distance sessions, coaching and psychic medium support available. Just ask!

This transmission/channeling is from the highest order and meant to assist in your adaptation during this time as we approach another Star of David in the sky on Aug 25th, and tonight's (Aug 20th) Blue Moon in Aquarius. The "information" is energetic and deeply healing, more so than mere "INFO."

Themes include:

Genetic Upgrade is Possible with The Flying Rainbow Lasagne

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I like to say that The Flying Rainbow Lasagne is like open source code for one's DNA. Although I am the originator of the idea, I am definitely not the only person who may make use of it, and in fact, I am here in this dimension right now in order to share the concept of the FRL with as many people as possible.




Extraterrestrial and Extradimensional Influence on Human DNA, and resolving duality

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This is an excerpt from Lesson 19 for Full Spectrum Humans. To access the full lessons, please register for the course here: http://flyingrainbowlasagne.com/online-course.html

This Lesson describes the use of The Flying Rainbow Lasagne as a conceptual tool to resolve the illusion of duality and so achieve higher states of consciousness.

many thanks, Aurora

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