Daily Flux in Attendance Programs

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March 11th 2015 10:54PM

Daily Flux in Attendance Programs

Momentarily, achieving a higher flux while abiding in lower trance, stasis, while condoning to the higher intellectual codes gathered from around the globe at predispositions, contemporary, some factions are evolving the current media/nodes. Namaste.


Correctional fluctuations, while abiding in lower forms of stasis/trance in given postulations… Gathering the sub intellectuals, in query for setbacks in nominal adaptations formal to our background tasks, in predisposed intellectual flaws.

Accountants are moving into positions for reminiscing core concepts in groups which abides in low to high transparency modules, excelling in coagulated memory, exempted on fabrications from core genesis. Neutral media is enabled for counter activity in prospects, deem these important on your own accord. Intellectual flaws are predisposed in the fabrics in which we will evolve from when the time is right.

Now momentarily the fabrics are shifting to a higher consensus from the general (accensus)… Given the formations are in a rise (succession) which imparts with the intellectual flaws abiding in a lower form of modulation, transparency.

Inherent designs are given for coherency in nominal factors (Players) which abides in a lower form of transparency…

Momentarily the conduits are in synapsis, giving out their dispositional flux (Content) for transcription.

Sub intellectualized content…


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Fabricating advents to new telemetric designs.

Quantum machines, utilizing with great care, controversies igniting in the natural causations... Flows abiding in lower forms of conscious kinetics. Adverse effects are paramount, deviated for resurgence of unnatural effects.

What we speak of in these times has potentiality in given... Formations set out for actualizations trough machines which contemporizes the constructs to enable (Manifest) a concept utilized for velocity in “mesmerable” prospection. What seems to manifest clearly is parts of star systems in works (conjunction) to symmetrical synapses throughout the universal caudexes.

Contemporary abiding in lower forms of our consensus, naturally the formations are giving into fabrics which evolves in synapse. Neurons, similar to star systems in acquisition to telepathy given from an energetic assembly as packets developed for communications in response to new measure which are adaptive throughout those “quantum machines”.

Telepathic constructs evolve from time to time as for whereabouts of these machines are not imposed specifically for physical matter.

Try to develop senses in which you utilizing imagination temporary for actualizations of where this information is coming from, tells of a time in greater aperture to star systems utilizing greater care in what we as humans are delving into while trying to manifest something which seems unattainable.

Advents to new symmetric alignments are made for us to acquisate the fabrics of what we term dark matter. Parts of these corresponds to new measures which are taking place independently while accrosations... They seem to forget where they are (in place) "in time" from numerous energetic transcription running on abilities forged from mutual bonds of those machines.

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