New Sagittarius Moon November 26th


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We have been living through some intense and interesting times…….and I believe that the “New” that we are co-creating, is only going to get more interesting. The energies have been very chaotic and unsettling…and throw in a bit of the “Wild Card” feeling…. and you have this fleeting month of November. Mercury retrograde has also been very active this month! Miss communications and troubles with Planes, trains, and everything in between….including computer and internet mess ups and problems have shown up. Mercury stationed direct last Thursday……just in time for Thanksgiving and Family celebrations. One thing to remember and meditate on during these times is….staying out of the fear!! There are a lot of Fear based things going on everywhere. Consciously stay out of all the fear in all areas and focus on surrounding yourself with others that vibrate where you vibrate….along with the higher energies of….Love and Peace!

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