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YEE-HAW! THANKS, SUN!: "A Severe (G4) Geomagnetic Storm is now in progress. Bz/IMF conditions continue to intensify the ongoing geomagnetic storm.

ALERT: Geomagnetic K-index of 8"" 



Gaia Portal Update~Step-ups in Frequencies of Gaia Ascension Protocols Occurs in this Moment-to-Moment

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27 Sep

gaia_energy1Step-ups in frequencies of Gaia ascension protocols occurs in this moment-to-moment as humanity (small ‘h’) releases grasp on outdated “paradigms of sleep”.

All Gaia ascension protocols are up-stepped. Without exception.

Process toward finalization of Gaia Ascension readiness continues and all of hu-manity, as well as Hue-manity, approach full consciousness.

Seeking of lower D solutions ceases as all Gaia inhabitants assert from “fullness of consciousness” states of Being.

“Return to good old times” paradigms is recognized as “not an option”.

hu-manity and Hue-manity understands.

~ Galactic Love Party, Happening NOW!~

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Photo Of Earth Ally Kai during the Mission Accomplishment! By the Creek of Love and the Balancing Act to the center! Photo taken by Flashron in Mt Shasta

Greetings Love Beings So Much is Happening!  You can Join Us Live Today through this evening as We Bring In the Light for a galactic Love Party of Overflowing Joy! WOOOOHOO and a YEEHAW! You can Join us Live Now at 3:00pm Pacific till?.. at this Link:



See You there everyone, as Love is Pouring IN! and Don't Be Shy! Love Wins!

Love The Earth Allies

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