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Daily Message ~ Saturday December 26, 2020

Dear Ones, the idea that you were ever not enough is a complete fallacy. Your continued trouble-shooting with yourself and your enlightenment journey is a continuation of that theme. Your beingness is more than enough. You are more than enough. You always have been and you always will be. In fact, your journey is not meant to be unearthing how you are not enough but rather discovering and celebrating your more-than-enoughness. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Friday December 25, 2020

Your holidays are always focused on higher vibrational energies – giving, receiving, gratitude, peace, joy, love, and connection both with each other and with the divine. Our wish for you on this holy day is that you will come to know these elements that exist at the core of each and every one of you, as constants in your lives. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Thursday December 24, 2020

Dear Ones, you are most powerful when you are operating in full flow. Be open to the highest potentials that are available to you that exist beyond what you can see and be willing to be led into their discovery. By releasing any pre-conceived ideas or constraints, you make it possible to move into your greatest expansion and experiences. It is safe for you to fully surrender with your faith and trust into the grand unfoldment of the new age you are stepping into and allow your life expressions to become as big and beautiful as they want to be. Let the magic of the times you are in point the way to the highest outcomes that are now fully available to you due to the incredible amount of work you have done over the past year. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Wednesday December 23, 2020

Dear Ones, relationships are a prevalent theme for you right now. Relationships – your family relationships, your love relationships, your friendships, your relationship with power, your relationship with spiritual and government leaders and their followers, your own relationship with God, and your relationship with yourself – all have been up for review.

You are in the throes of moving beyond co-dependency into healthy inter-dependency. You are seeking new ways to dove-tail together in order to support each other in your highest expressions of self and to be stronger as a whole. This has required the awareness, examination, and release of any belief systems that made you feel powerless or supported you in the continuation of victim consciousness.

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Daily Message ~ Tuesday December 22, 2020

You are in a potent energy window that exists between your solstice and Christmas day. This is an opening of profoundly supportive energies designed to assist you in your embodiment and creation. We highly recommend you take the time to be clear about the core essence of what it is you wish to experience and create and wrap yourself up with that energy as a prevalent aspect of who you truly are. This is embracing your preferences and beingness, Dear Ones, and exactly how you can set the tone moving forward. You are so loved and assisted in all your hopes and dreams because you are the ones who are leading the way forward, with your tender hearts and optimism, into this grand new age on your planet. Keep letting the beautiful luminosity of your soul shine the way forward, for your truth and essence is what is lighting the way into the new. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Monday December 21, 2020

Today, on this sacred day of solstice, we wish to celebrate you for reaching this incredible mile marker after such a pivotal and challenging year. What you have accomplished is truly remarkable, releasing and receiving energies at a pace that has never been experienced on your planet before. By your continued participation you have been integrating more of your soul selves into your bodies, and as such, have become anchors of the energies of heaven on earth. Even though you are well aware this year has been unlike any other you have experienced, it will be a while before you fully realize all you have done and accomplished. We thank you for being the intrepid ones, for being the ground crew of the great shift upon your planet, and we wish you much joy, peace, and love moving forward. Allow yourselves to take today to celebrate your successes, to bask in the energies, and allow the solstice to serve you by locking in your progress so you are well prepared to step into the energies of 2021 and beyond. It is a truly joyous day that heralds a new age of transformation and forward movement. Hallelujah! ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Sunday December 20, 2020

The two greatest inhibitors of manifestation are putting constraints upon your creation and not being willing to receive.

Are you being too specific with your desires? Do you think they can only show up or look a certain way? What is the essence of what you wish to experience underneath that desire? Are you willing to cast your net wider? So often what you think is possible and what is actually possible are two very different things! Your willingness to allow the universe to fill in the details for you makes for much better and more satisfying matches.

Do you say no to assistance? Have you remembered to ask the universe for help? Do you gratefully receive it or are you in the habit of doing everything yourself? Do you think what you want can’t happen because you don’t know all the steps of how it will come to fruition? Do you receive compliments? Do you ask for and receive help graciously? It can be helpful to pay attention to any ways you hold yourself separate from receiving and start to consciously say yes to the support that can show up for you in a myriad of ways.

Now is the ideal time to make a commitment to loosen up and allow yourself to discover the highest potentials that exist for you just beyond what you can see, and to embrace the joy that comes from being in a more balanced flow of both giving and receiving. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Saturday December 19, 2020

We spoke yesterday of the importance of discernment. Today we would like to delve into how to tell if information is valid and empowering for you or not. The following will help you discern whether information is in line with your highest good. We suggest you ask the following questions:

Is this information based on love or fear? Is it expansive or restrictive? Is it inclusive and connecting or elitist and separating? Is it empowering to everyone involved? Does this advice involve giving your power away to another or following the advice blindly or does it encourage you to connect with your own wisdom and knowingness? Does it support the highest good of all? Would your inner wise one agree?

Check in with your body. How does your body respond when you feel into the information? Do you feel energy activation within your heart centre? Do you feel goosebumps? Do you feel flow, expansion, ease, or excitement? Does it allow you to be the love? All of these are your soul giving you a resounding yes.

If you feel triggered, fearful, or the energy contracting in your body, particularly in your abdomen, you are getting a clear no. The information you are receiving is not empowering to you and not an energetic match to who you really are. It could be playing to old wounds or experiences of powerlessness that you now have an opportunity to heal and evolve beyond.

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Daily Message ~ Friday December 18, 2020

Discernment is an essential element of your enlightenment journey. One of the challenges of 2020 has been the bombardment of information you have been exposed to – some of it very valid and some of it not your truth at all. While it has been challenging, that, combined with the slowing down the pandemic has created for so many of you, has gifted you with the perfect conditions to strengthen your discernment skills.

This is so important because it will help you start to navigate your way forward in the new energies by listening to your heart and your inner wisdom, allowing that combination to lead you forward more than ever before. This will allow you to flow towards your perfect matches and desired experiences far more efficiently.

It is also important because it is implementing a skill that will be very helpful to those who have spiritual gifts suddenly opening to them due to the energetic shifts you have been receiving.

Many of you, particularly early on in your spiritual journey, have had the experience of believing in sources that ended up not being empowering to you or of the vibration you truly seek. This can be a discouraging experience, and in some cases can shake your faith for a period of time until your soul lovingly calls you forward on your path yet again. You have had to develop your discernment as you went, often feeling like you were fumbling in the dark.

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Daily Message ~ Thursday December 17, 2020

Sleep disturbances are a common experience due to the transformational times you are participating in. This can occur for a few different reasons.

Some energetic shifts require you to be awake but still in order to receive them. This is not unlike some brain surgeries you see where the patient needs to be awake during the procedure. It is designed for you to receive and assimilate the changes in ways that best support your health and wellness.

Some planetary alignments and shifts can have a stimulating effect on you energetically, making it difficult to sleep or stay asleep. If you find yourself awake in the middle of the night, it can be very helpful to use that time to meditate. This will help you relax, as well as having the added benefit of the meditation having a similar effect on the body as sleep.

Sometimes your soul wakes you up at night if you have not been making enough time for deeper contemplation or spiritual connection. This can be rectified by prioritizing your prayer or meditation practices during the day.

Another thing we wish for you to be aware of is if you are feeling tired from a lack of sleep, you can simply ask your guides and helpers to infuse you with energy so you can be functional during the day.


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