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Daily Message ~ Friday November 28, 2014

Having a relationship end and choosing not to love again is like having a car break down and then deciding never to drive again. You are severely limiting your ability to have the satisfying experiences you crave and deserve, if you are excluding such necessary elements. Choosing to retaliate in a way that denies self is only keeping yourself in the energies that upset you in the first place, and will only perpetuate the discomfort you are trying to avoid.

If their car breaks down, a wise human honours their desire for enjoyable transportation, does their research, and buys a new car with greater reliability and more features they desire. If their relationship breaks down, a wise human honours their desire to love and be loved, and from a new place of clarity and knowledge, chooses a new relationship with greater reliability and traits that match their desires.

Do not deny yourselves, Dear Ones, even if you have a disappointment. Simply learn from your experiences and choose again, based on your new level of wisdom, for you are on the planet to love, enjoy, experience and evolve. ~Archangel Gabriel

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Daily Message ~ Thursday November 27, 2014

Some human beings hold the idea that you can lose parts of yourself – that you can lose your innocence, that you can lose your ability to trust, your ability to love. In reality, you hold all things. You can never, ever lose an aspect of yourself. People cannot take parts of you away from you. There is always a part of you that is full and complete. What has happened is you have made a decision to allow those traits to diminish, to fall into dormancy.

How do you fix this? First, become your own loving parent and create a beautiful and safe environment for yourself to shine in your entirety. Then bring those aspects of self back into the light, integrate them back into your way of being. You are always whole, and wonderful and divine. You have simply allowed yourself to believe you have become divided, that you are broken. You can call back all aspects of yourself that you have given up on, dust them off and put them back into operation and start to experience the fullness of your being all over again, whenever you want. It is never too late to experience your wholeness, your completeness, your divinity. It is always waiting patiently for you to move back into. ~Archangel Gabriel

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Daily Message ~ Wednesday November 26, 2014

Your imagination is the tool the connects you to your highest visions, your inspired creations. Making time to play with your imagination is the ultimate in freedom, because it taps you into not only your alignment with Source, but also into a realm of endless possibilities. As children, so many of you were taught to dismiss your imagination, which was the beginning of your disempowerment.

Dear Ones, your innocence, your imagination is still there, waiting to be dusted off and rediscovered. Use it to create, to bring lightness and play back into your lives. Follow the imagination bridge to your greatest joys, creations, and discoveries, and you will be weaving magic back into your reality again. ~Archangel Gabriel

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Daily Message ~ Tuesday November 25, 2014

Frequently your expectations put a cap on your experiences. Your intention gets the ball rolling vibrationally, but when you only accept your creation if it looks a certain way, you put huge limitations on what the universe can deliver to you. It may be that there are different experiences that are stepping stones to what you wish to create. It may be that what you expect is not for your highest good or the highest good of others. But more often than not, your expectation is so much less than what the universe wishes to deliver to you, if only you would create the opening for it to do so. Dream big, Dear Ones, but allow it to be a co-creative process, which means leaving lots of room for your ideas to manifest in even grander, unexpected and delightful ways. ~Archangel Gabriel

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Daily Message ~ Monday November 24, 2014

Patience, generally speaking, is an indicator of your level of faith and acceptance in any given situation. When you are secure in your faith, you have complete acceptance that everything is unfolding in a way that is divinely perfect. When you know that everything is being taken care of, you realize there is nothing left to do but be fully present and enjoy the Now moment.

You cannot be impatient and enjoy the Now moment at the same time, Dear Ones. Impatience is trying to rush past the beauty of the Now. Slow down. Trust. Know each person and situation is guided and loved, and serving a purpose for all involved. Your faith and acceptance will anchor you in the energies of patience and peace, and will, in turn, make all of your moments far more enjoyable. ~Archangel Gabriel

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Daily Message ~ Saturday November 22, 2014

Doubt is a very effective tool the ego self uses in its attempt to keep things the same. Doubt is successful in avoiding growth because it leads to procrastination, and then stagnation.

Dear Ones, your ego is far from the enemy. It is an essential part of the operating system of the human being. What it is looking for is your love and reassurance. So if you are finding yourself procrastinating on doing things you wish to experience, realize your ego fears it will cease to matter if you move forward in this direction.

To move beyond procrastination, we would suggest reassuring your ego self that you will love and need it no matter what. You might ask it how it might participate in your new adventure by giving it a job, like keeping you safe in the activity. Find a way to include your ego in a way that allows it to feel nurtured and important. Or, if all else fails, placate it by allowing it to procrastinate on procrastinating! (laughter)

We encourage you to simply use your ego as a growth detector. If it is rearing up, it is a sure sign that you are headed in a direction that holds lots of growth and expansion. It would not be threatened if it were not so.

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Daily Message ~ Friday November 21, 2014

Dear Ones, love yourselves enough to surrender and stay in the state of flow and acceptance long enough for the universe to show up with your highest potentials. We will happily match that level of love, and surpass it in magical and magnified ways, if would just give us the opportunity to do so. ~Archangel Gabriel

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Daily Message ~ Thursday November 20, 2014

Dear Ones, if you can embrace change as being good, and stay open and accepting to the endless and delightful potentials that exist for you, every day will become an adventure, and you will start to live your life with an innocence, wonder and excitement that you likely have not experienced since you were a child. ~Archangel Gabriel

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Daily Message ~ Wednesday November 19, 2014

So many of you have negative or fearful connotations connected to change. Why not start looking at change in a new positive light? Instead of change would you prefer magic? Healing? Miracles? Enlightenment? Good luck? Rejuvenation? Because all of those words are associated with delightful, welcome change. Find a word you prefer and use it to replace the word change. Choose one that helps you embrace forward movement, expansion, growth and co-creation. To do so will help you start to approach your life with excitement and anticipation and stay open to the many wonders that are available to you. ~Archangel Gabriel


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