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The Gifts You Are Given

Take a moment and ponder this; every single person you have interacted with over the course of your Earth plane existence has given you something. Even if the ending of the encounter was not the best, something good came out of it. It may have been as small as
a recipe you would not have had before or something big….like learning to deal with a difficult emotion and know that you will still be okay after it is all said and done. When you choose to change the focus from ‘bad’ to good, you are giving yourself the wonderful gifts of forgiveness, acceptance and peace. Enjoy! ~ Creator

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The Hurt

My beautiful child; there will be people in your life completely committed to hurting you. They will say things that are not based in truth, they will be rude, mean or ignore you in a bid to get you to react in some way, any way…..for their satisfaction. During this time, you may feel at your lowest and most lonely,
but do not despair! Even as the tides change so will these situations. What felt like the end of your world today, will seem inconsequential tomorrow. Be strong, be courageous, be brave and know The Universe has much bigger plans for you than you could ever imagine. ~ Creator

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A gentle reminder; my darling child, before you came there was a plan, but not one that you believe it to be. Yes, the learning experiences were requested and a general direction was chosen. However, there was a certain ambiguity thrown into the mix. This was not to confuse or confound you, instead the ‘just so’ placement increases your
ability to create, learn and grow. Instead of one or two paths, there are an infinite number of directions for any given circumstance you experience on a day to day basis. Your free will is truly given free reign. My goal, My purpose, is not to confine you into a certain place or time, but to allow you to explore as many avenues as you choose. ~ Creator

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The Quiet Ones

It may be easy to discount the quiet, introspective and shy ones on your Earth Plane. Please remember; those that go without notice are most often doing the deepest, most challenging work of all for themselves and your planet. When you see them,
it is not necessary to overwhelm them with praise….let them know you honor their contribution with a gentle smile and a nod of your head. Sometimes, the quietest moments mean the most. ~ Creator

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As Others See You

There is going to be a time, very soon, when you will have to start seeing yourself as others see you. Take away the pretense, the societal programming and the false sense of security
that ego often provides. What will you have left? A You, totally transparent, that is infinitely more interesting than anything you could have imagined or wanted for yourself. ~ Creator

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Today, it is time to look at the baggage you carry. Some of you carry it with dignity – like a badge of honor, some with disdain and still others with hurt and shame.  Some of it was given to you or you may have picked it up of your own free will.  You may even carry it with you as a form of protection.  It is time to set it down now, my love.  You may even unpack it, examining each piece to decide whether you will keep it or not.  The choice is yours.  But, I am here to tell you it is no longer necessary for your existence.  Let it go!  The lightness of being you will gain far outweighs the benefits of continuing to carry it. ~ Creator


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