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Four Year Old Children Are Being Forced To Mine For Cobalt To Make Smartphones Work

by Jessica Murray, True Activist

The young children get paid 8p per day for 12 hours of work.

A recent undercover investigation by Sky News has revealed that children as young as four are working in mines to retrieve an substance to make mobile phones work. The investigation discovered that the children are mining cobalt, an essential component of batteries for smartphones and laptops, according to recent reports. Despite the army of children working in the mines to extract it for as little as 8p per day, the crucial component makes billions for multinational companies such as Apple and Samsung. Together with the incredibly low wage that the young children are paid, they are also made to work in terrible conditions with no safety equipment. The footage from Sky News shows that the children are made to continue working during heavy rain when they are wearing no shoes and have to carry large and heavy bags through the dirt.

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Monumental Bill Introduced In Congress Would Legalize Cannabis On Federal Level

By: Jay Syrmopoulos / The Free Thought Project  

Washington, D.C. – In an effort to push back against repressive federal control of marijuana policy, bipartisan legislation was introduced in Congress by representatives Tom Garrett (R-VA) and Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) to exclude cannabis from the federal Controlled Substances Act (CSA), which absurdly lists marijuana as a Schedule 1 substance — a classification that denotes a substance being dangerous and having no known medicinal value.

Passage of this legislation would provide states with the exclusive authority to regulate marijuana how they see fit – without the ominous threat of federal criminalization. In a prepared statement, Rep. Garrett explained that states are “more than capable” of deciding what policies best benefit their own citizens – without the need for federal oversight. If passed, this bill would take marijuana off the federal controlled substances list – joining other industries such as alcohol and tobacco.

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Thousands Of Mics And Cameras To Be Installed In San Diego For ‘Data Harvesting’

by Brianna Acuesta, True Activist

There's an unanswered question about what this means for personal privacy.

General Electric, in conjunction with AT&T and Intel Corp, is set to install cameras, microphones, and sensors on 3,200 streetlights in San Diego this year, beginning in July. The installations are part of a new “smart city” scheme that aims to monitor traffic and crime.

With this news has also come many questioning whether this is an overreach into personal privacy, which is something that wasn’t properly investigated prior to approving this plan. Jen Lebron of the mayor’s office said, “it’s anonymous data with no personal identifiers,” since apparently the video quality will be low enough to individual identification.

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Trump Budget To Add ‘Historic’ $54 Billion To Military Spending

Trump wants to add 10 percent to the "defense" budget.

By: Tyler Durden, Zero Hedge

As observed earlier in the day, as part of the leaked preliminary Trump budget, the president was set to unveil major spending increases for U.S. defense offset by cuts to federal agencies, and other non-defense sectors. And on Monday morning, the first details emerged, including that the boost to defense spending is expected to be about 10 percent, or some $54 billion, and will be revenue neutral, offset by cuts in non-defense areas, and will not “add a dime to the deficit.” As Trump said, he is seeking a “historic increase” in military spending.

“This budget will be a public safety and national security budget,” Trump told state governors at the White House. “It will include an historic increase in defense spending to rebuild the depleted military of the United States of America at a time we most need it,” he said.

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This Innocent Prisoner Went From Felon To Lawyer Because Someone Believed In Him

by Brianna Acuesta, True Activist

This man went from proving his innocence while in prison to helping others prove theirs as an attorney.

When Jarrett Adams was just 17 years old, he was arrested and subsequently wrongfully convicted of sexual assault after being charged alongside two other boys of engaging in a group assault during a trip to the University of Wisconsin. While one of the boys was acquitted, Adams and the other boy were each found guilty and Adams was sentenced to 28 years in prison.

While it’s sad that Adams and the other boy were wrongfully convicted, it’s even worse when looking at why such a wrongful conviction occurred in the first place. The boy who was acquitted was able to hire a private lawyer, who located an alibi witness and presented conflicting evidence, but the other two couldn’t afford a lawyer and settled for court-appointed attorneys.

Adams’ lawyer did not attempt to contact the alibi witness, nor did they offer any sort of defense for the accusation. Other than the testimony from the victim, there was absolutely no evidence linking Adams to the crime, yet he was convicted and sentenced to a lengthy prison term.

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Inspiring Police Program To Help Addicts Changes The Face Of The "War On Drugs"

by Whitney Webb, True Activist

A Massachusetts police department success in treating addicts instead of simply incarcerating them has led similar programs to be adopted in 28 different states.

Drug addiction in America is an ever-growing epidemic and a “war” that we are losing. Throwing addicts in jail has proven ineffective given the nature of drug addiction and so hundreds of police departments around the US have started using drug treatment as an alternative to imprisonment. For instance, the Gloucester County Police Department in Massachusetts has created a revolutionary new policing strategy called the Angel program, aimed at getting addicts the help they need, instead of putting them in handcuffs. This program has had so much success that it has turned heads and convinced other law enforcement departments to follow their lead.

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Hungarian Brewery Gives Free Beer To Those Who Adopt Rescue Dogs From Local Shelter

by Amanda Froelich, True Activist

This brewery is offering a free, personalized crate of beer to anyone who welcomes a formerly abused dog into their home.

Business owner Tamas Szilagyi doesn’t just run the Mad Scientist Brewery in Budapest, Hungary, she advocates for the adoption of rescue animals. It’s because she’s a self-proclaimed animal lover that the entrepreneur created a campaign which offers a free, personalized crate of beer to anyone who adopts a dog from the nearby shelter.

Global News reports that all of the dogs came from the Noe Animal Sanctuary, which has rescued abandoned and tortured dogs from abusive homes since 1992. Approximately 1,000 animals – from dogs to deer, to cattle and foxes – are cared for by the sanctuary.

Szilagyi explained the reason the brewery is offering a free crate of beer to those who adopt by saying,

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Former Director Of IMF Gets Prison Time For Fraud

by Whitney Webb, True Activist

Rodrigo Rato, former Director of the International Monetary Fund, was sentenced to four years and six months in prison last Thursday by a Spanish Court.

While the current director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Christine Lagarde, avoided prison time despite being found guilty of negligence in a high-profile fraud case, one of her predecessors has not been so lucky. Rodrigo Rato, director of the IMF from 2004 to 2007, was just recently sentenced this past Thursday to 4.5 years of prison by a Spanish court for his misappropriation of bank funds, i.e. fraud. Rato’s conviction followed a lengthy trial where he and 64 other executives and former board members of the failed Spanish bank Bankia and its founder bank Caja Madrid.

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City Fines Interracial Couple After Racial Slur Was Tagged On Their Garage

by Brianna Acuesta, True Activist

Instead of finding the culprit, the city is fining the victims of the crime.

It may seem backwards to fine the victims of a hate crime, and that’s because it absolutely is. The city of Stamford in Connecticut has decided to fine the couple six weeks after the crime took place because they have yet to paint over it.

It all started one morning, the Saturday just before Martin Luther King Jr. Day to be exact, when Lexene Charles went outside to get in his car. He was shocked to see that an anti-black racial slur had been spray painted onto his garage and immediately called for Heather Lindsay, his longtime partner, to come outside.

Charles, who is black, and Lindsay, who is white, have refused to paint over or clean the graffiti until the culprit is caught, which is what sparked the city to slap fines on them. Three weeks after the incident, the city issued a citation for blight that carries a fine of $100 for every day that the graffiti stays up.

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Japanese Newspaper With Seeds Embedded Sprouts Flowers When Planted

by Amanda Froelich, True Activist

This successful venture is proof that recycling is beneficial for the planet and that plenty of citizens are willing to support eco-friendly initiatives.

It’s because printed newspapers are anything but environmentally friendly that many news sites have gone online (that, and because internet media reaches an audience at a much faster pace). One of the biggest daily newspapers in Japan, however, figured out a solution to the gargantuan amount of paper waste involved in printing the periodicals.

Because there’s an element of class and comfort in reading a print book or pamphlet, the Japanese “Green Newspaper” is made entirely of recycled and vegetable paper that can be composted after it’s read. Best of all, when planted, sprouts of plants will bloom! As LifeGate shares, the concept isn’t exactly ‘new’, but it is fascinating nonetheless.


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