‪ Daily Blue Star UFOs Report~ YES! ARE WE REALLY HERE~ 05-09-12

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‪ Daily Blue Star UFOs  Report~ YES! ARE WE REALLY HERE~




Greetings Love Beings,

Thanks to our GLR and First Contact grouwn Crew Team Member Lucas for finding some of these great videos! Especially the first one!

Isn’t it wonderful working all together?


Enjyo your watching as we got some real nice videos today...


Thank you for sharing and informing everyone you can... it’s IMPORTANT! The more we get out at people, the less will they be afraid.




‪UFO 2012 uncloaked


‪Giant ufos Cigar Australia 2012.REAL 100%


‪UFO hovering over the beach (light kite?)

‪Oregon UFO with unusual light configuration


‪UFO Triangle Hovers Over Bordeaux, France May 6, 2012


‪OVNI en Honolulu (Hawái, EE.UU) - 06/05/2012


‪The Same COR1 UFO Recorded In May 2 Years Ago!


‪UFO Aliens over Leeds UK






LOVE YOU, and thanks for sharing!


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