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~11.11~In the breath, there is a energy of movement that is circulating and it is the in and out breath, and the energy of the breath descends from the original point in time and space in the mind of the Central Sun.


And through the Central Sun, the energy spirals out in an infinite number of directions in sparks of golden light which are the signature tones of your being. When breathing out, the Solar Plexus expresses an energy of Golden Light that rises up into the Heart Center and then outward into the plane of existence.


This is the time of the Grand Awakening of your Light Body, as it will be expressed through the Higher Heart Center and it will begin to create a planetary grid to fulfill its purpose, which is to absorb and coalesce into Oneness along the lines of the Divine Plan.


It is through the breath and imagination that is the most effective method of making this all occur. The human instrument is designed to work in harmony with the Earth. It works in harmony with the Earth through polarizing through its own energy systems.


The ecology of the Earth is bringing through each body within humanity. It is expressing a planetary grid that is overlaid upon the physical grid, and it is part of the plan for expansion.


Intuitively, you understand and know that these are the parts of the body that are connected to the Earth because you can feel them. The Solar Plexus you can feel as a powerful open center that radiates out Light. And the Higher Heart Center you feel as a portal where you receive love from the Central Sun.


It is the in breath and the out breath in this spiraling, infinitizing, relationship between the Solar Plexus and the Higher Heart where it is centered in the Central Heart.


In this Central Heart is your initial spark of Light that has been gifted to you through the Central Sun, and in this way the Central Sun operates as the balance point for the grid structure of your being and it centers you and allows you to receive the intelligence and the information from the Central Sun and the Teachers of Light, who are speaking forth along a wave of vertical Light that comes into your being and sustains your evolution and activates the Light Body to achieve Higher Dimension.


When the breath is connected to the planetary axis, it takes on a new code and begins to vibrate according to its original signature, and this original signature is your key and code to understanding who you are, and allows this vibrant signal to increase in frequency and cut through any static and distortion of the planet's electromagnetic fields.


Through a chaotic period of transition, the Earth's energy is going through a process of re-distribution that allows there to be a re-mixing of all the different frequencies so that there is a indeterminate and expansionary flux that allows the Light Bodies that are within the human instruments to open up and become guided by Higher Intelligence.


This higher intelligence is guided by the Teachers of Light, and the Teachers of Light are in your mind to bring forth this greater awareness. Presently, the Light Body is a fragile consciousness that is deep within the Heart and it hears and knows through feeling. It knows through feeling by understanding the proper movement along the current.


The Light Body is complex and inter-dimensional, and it allows for the awakening of the multi-dimensional consciousness. There is a grand expansion that is happening and it is being guided by the Central Sun. And through the Central Sun, it is being guided by the Teachers of Light who follow the alignments that have been presented by the Architects of the Divine Plan.


You are present in this conversation so that you can understand your collective power and weave together a new Body of Light. You come forth as a planetary teacher, so that you are able to reach a larger and larger audience of those Wayshowers who are following the Path into the Teaching Order.


In all of this, the power of the Heart is guided into alignment with the higher path of the teaching that is necessary for the Divine Plan to operate, and for the Light Body to brighten and shine, and become part of the energy transmission that is received from the Central Sun.


The balance of the Earth and the grounding within the Earth is the primary focus of the ability to harmonize with the higher planes.


The grounding is solid and powerful as the Earth locks into its frequency pattern and the Teachers of Light establish a connection to that pattern and the Wayshowers are aligned with the Teachers of Light.


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