13:20 Calendar (01.11.13): A YELLOW STAR LOVE EMBRACE! OH, BIG HUGS! )★♥(

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13:20 Calendar (01.11.13): A YELLOW STAR LOVE EMBRACE! OH, BIG HUGS! )★♥(

ART: “Yellow Star" by Fuiron, http://fuiron.deviantart.com/

MUSIC: “Earth Wind and Fire- Shining Star”, http://youtu.be/vwc0AW67CmA
“You’re SHINING STAR, No Matter Who You Are!

“Come On, People! Raise the Vibration!”


“Earth Guardians, instill the Light on Earth--fulfill your Rainbow Covenant with Grandmother Turtle Island.

Utilizing the 11:11, 12:12, and 13:13 Universal and Spiritual Star Symbols of THE STAR ALTAR OF CREATOR'S HEART, on New Moon and Full Moon, on Solstices and Equinoxes, we Earth Children anchor the Light on Earth.”
-Grandmother SilverStar

♥ 11:11 MAKA WICAHPI WICOHAN (Word of Love, The Way of the EarthStar, Universal & Spiritual Laws of Creator):
DAY: SPIRITUAL LAW OF PROTECTION, Venus, Panther Day, Yellow Solar Star, Essence of Peace. “Thus, on Day One, on New Year we step on the Star Path of Love, The Elk (Cosmic Christ Consciousness--The Christ Path) !! The Path of Love !!” -Grandmother SilverStar, Code for the Day: http://tiny.cc/cyirqw

★ 12:12 UNCI IKTOMI WICAHPI WICOHAN (Word of Alignment, The Way of the StarSpider, Universal & Spiritual Laws of Universal Mother):
CEREMONY: REBIRTHING, Spiritual Attunement and Star Activation. Manifest Realm: ANI TSU TSA, PLEIADES, The Seven Sisters with ZITKANA SAN, Red Bird (Cardinal), WINYAN SAKOWIN, The Seven Sisters, and IKTOMI WAKAN, Sacred Spider ✡. “Becoming a star, is waking up to SPIRIT.....to wake up: PRAY.”

☮13:13: CAN WAKAN WICHON (Word of Peace, The Way of the Sacred Tree, Universal and Spiritual Laws of Creation, The Inner Akasha):
MERKABA, SPIRITUAL WAY OF INTEGRITY. 13th Dimension, Yang, with ARK OF CHRIST CONSUMMATION, KUTHUMI & ANIMAL NATIONS, METATRON, and MERKABA. Star DNA Activation = Skull, Star Path = Grandmother StarSpider “Co-create multi-dimensionality in Cosmic Time cycles, pray with All Our Relations through the ALTARS OF CREATOR’S HEART--28 Pairs of Star Law (Codes). Day by Day, through Antakarana connection with Universe that binds Central Sun to Mother Earth’s glowing Heart, anchor the Light of the UNIVERSAL AND SPIRITUAL LAWS on Earth. Live in step with Mother Universe and Awaken. One Great Moon. 28 Pairs of Star Laws. The Power of One.”

MOON: TATANKA HANEPI WI BUFFALO MOON, North Door of the Heart, in the SPIRITUAL PROTECTION OF FAMILY. “BlueSpider opens First Gate of Life & Tests of Sincerity & Devotion to Spirit Path.” 1st Dimension, Blue.

SEASON: HEALING, HUPAHU LUTA OMAKA, with HUPAHU LUTA, RedWing Lady Bug, Rays Healing Energy, CHIRON, Opens Heart Portals, and SHEKINAH, Invokes Spirit of Healing, Gold

STARGATE: PURIFICATION, "Tests of Sincerity and Devotion to Spirit Path." “the key, the essence, the energy, the virtue of PURITY... walk mindfully, in PURITY, all during this first Moon cycle.” -Grandmother SilverStar
www.star-knowledge.net & www.starelders.net

DREAMSPELL: WHITE RESONANT WIND MOON, Recollection of the Power of the First day of Creation, “Resonant Spirit.”

YELLOW RESONANT STAR, Beautifies Elegance, Kin 228, Sun-Guided (Universal Fire), YELLOW Ripens, White Resonant Moon Seli 2, “When the artist becomes conscious of what he/she is transforming, then that artist becomes a medium of the higher orders.”

“I Channel In Order to Beautify,
Inspiring Art.
I Seal the Store of Elegance
With the Resonant Tone of Attunement.
I Am Guided By the Power of Universal Fire.”

www.lawoftime.org, www.13moon.com, www.timewaves.org, www.spacestationplaza.com, www.planetartnetwork.info

IMIX, Alligator/Crocodile, East, Completion, Radiant, Initiator of New Ideas & Projects, Primal Creative Instincts, Gives Birth to New Phenomena and Brilliant New Ideas, Needs to Collaborate with Others in Order to Achieve Tangible Results, Deeply Caring, Strong, Nurturing, Protective with Tone 12 (Understanding & Communication).

DAY UNTIL SUNSET: MIKIZTLI, Skull, Our Silence & Transformation. Re-Evaluation of Life and Death, and of Things Done & Things Left Undone. Don’t Hesitate! Companion to MEZTLI TEKZIZTEKATL: The Moon, He Who Carrier the Conch Shell. The Lunar Influence on the Tides & the Psyche of Humans, Evolution & Growing Cosmic Consciousness.

DAY AFTER SUNSET: MAZATL, Deer. Agility, Instinct, Intuition, Perception, Sensibility, Fauna. Activated by the Energy of the Sun, Messenger of Love & Peace from the Grandfathers. Companion to TLALOK, What the Earth Drinks, the Water from On High in All of Its Manifestations. Principal Action to Fertilize & Produce Sustenance. Belongs to the Context of the Science of Life, KETZALKOATL, Uniting Two Life-Generating Actions--Heat & Water.

PERIOD: ATEMOZTLI, Descent of the Waters, UITZILOPOCHTLI, the Internal War

YEAR: TEKPATL, Flint/Our Tongue/Word, Profound, Pointed & Sharp, Profound Method of Study & Analysis to Produce Enduring Concepts, Companion with CHALCHIUTOTOLIN Jade Turkey, Force of Action, Vanity of Humans, Teaches to Sacrifice the Eyes & Ego to Be a Torch of Light--not Smoke and to Be a Mirror for Others by Seeing with Your Heart
www.aztekayolokalli.com, Mazatzin Aztekayolokalli http://on.fb.me/A3Rd10, & @TlauizTeotl on Twitter


Star Knowledge Conference/Galactic Free Press/Mt. Shasta Shambhala Metaphysical Center & Store/MtShasta Heart Pilgrimage/Earth, Wind & Fire

♥★☮ <---LOVE, LIGHT, & PEACE!