13:20 Calendar (12.26.12): HUMAN CRYSTALLINE AWAKENING

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13:20 Calendar (12.26.12): HUMAN CRYSTALLINE AWAKENING

ART: “Golden Spiral” by *Lirulin-yirth, http://lirulin-yirth.deviantart.com/

SONG: “Crystal Cavern” by Tra'zae Lewis-Clinton, https://soundcloud.com/trazae-clinton/crystal-cavern

“Come On, People! Raise the Vibration!”

♥ 11:11 MAKA WICAHPI WICOHAN (Word of Love, The Way of the EarthStar, Universal & Spiritual Laws of Creator):
DAY: INYAN OYATE, The Stone People; The Crystal People Speak in the SPIRITUAL LAW OF KARMA & GRACE, Mercury, Hummingbird Day, Sacral Orange Star, Essence of Light. “The Stone Relations have released to the human beings the MEMORY OF ANCIENT TIMES.....The very Crystalline structures within the Molecular awareness of your Being are awakening with treasures told and foretold.” Code for the Day: http://tiny.cc/rqqxpw

★ 12:12 UNCI IKTOMI WICAHPI WICOHAN (Word of Alignment, The Way of the StarSpider, Universal & Spiritual Laws of Universal Mother):
CEREMONY: REBIRTHING, Spiritual Attunement and Star Activation. Manifest Realm: ANI TSU TSA, PLEIADES, The Seven Sisters with ZITKANA SAN, Red Bird (Cardinal), WINYAN SAKOWIN, The Seven Sisters, and IKTOMI WAKAN, Sacred Spider ✡. “Becoming a star, is waking up to SPIRIT.....to wake up: PRAY.”

☮13:13: CAN WAKAN WICHON (Word of Peace, The Way of the Sacred Tree, Universal and Spiritual Laws of Creation, The Inner Akasha):
ANTAKARANA, UNIVERSAL LAW OF UNITY, 13th Dimension Yin: BUDDHA’S PRESENCE with UNCI IKTOMI Grandmother Spider, 12 CORDS OF LIFE Within Reflective Core, ANTAKARANA Love, The Good Heart. Star DNA Activation = Skull, Star Path = Grandmother StarSpider

MOON: GOOD HEART, CANTE WASTE HANHEPI WI, Center, Door of Creator, in the UNIVERSAL LAW OF UNITY with the ANTAKARANA “The Web of Life, Tree of Life, The Mother’s Heart, The Center Pole Love, Antakarana binds Central Sun to Mother Earth’s glowing Heart.” 13th Dimension, Green

SEASON: HEALING, HUPAHU LUTA OMAKA, with HUPAHU LUTA, RedWing Lady Bug, Rays Healing Energy, CHIRON, Opens Heart Portals, and SHEKINAH, Invokes Spirit of Healing, Gold

STARGATE: LOVE, THE GOOD HEART, “Reach Tops of Tree, 13th Moon and 13th Gate: Set yourself free: Non-judgment, Non-attachment, Clarity--live Ascension’s Web.”
www.star-knowledge.net & www.starelders.net

YELLOW SELF-EXISTING HUMAN, Influences Free Will, Kin 212, Star-Guided (Beautifies Elegance), YELLOW Ripens. Red Rhythmic Dragon Moon, Silio 14, “The Akashic field is the mathematically structured medium that holds the holograms or holographic information of all and everything that is.”

I Define in Order to Influence,
Measuring Wisdom.
I Seal the Process of Free Will
With the Self-Existing Tone of Form.
I Am Guided by the Power of Elegance.

www.lawoftime.org, www.13moon.com, www.timewaves.org, www.spacestationplaza.com, www.planetartnetwork.info

CHICCHAN Serpent, East, Brilliant, Sensual, Dramatic, Intense Instinctive Wisdom, Highly Intelligent, Bears Powerful New Energies, Electrifying Presence, Magical Powers, Adaptive, Flexible, Connects Heaven and Earth, Aligns Authority & Truth to Bring Forth Justice, Opens and Expands Hearts through Sincere Service to Others, Tone 9, (Patience, Perseverance, Completion), with XIUHTECUHTLI, God of Fire and Time, Ruler of the First Day of the Trecena, and the First Day and First Heaven of the Galactic Underworld, Initiation, Sowing

DAY UNTIL SUNSET: ITZKUINTLI Dog, Our Loyalty & Fidelity. Best Friend & Guide with the Capability to Transform Him and All That Surrounds Him. Loves Travel, but Remembers & Always Returns to His Place of Origin. Companion to MIKTLANTEKUTLI, The Guide of the Place of Transformation and Rest. Guides to That Regenerating Rest to Achieve New Consciousness and Existence before Returning to Activity.

DAY AFTER SUNSET: OZOMATLI Monkey, Our Grasping, Comprehension & Agility. Exhibits Mobility in All Directions--All Heights, All Distances, Recreation, Happiness, Dance. Companion with XOCHIPILLI, ZENTEOTL Photosynthesis, the Light & Energy of the Sun Through the Plants to Give Us Oxygen. ZENTEOTL, Principal Generator of Our Sustenance & Our Health by Planting.

PERIOD: PANKETZALIZTLI: Raising of the Precious Standards, UITZILOPOCHTLI, The Will

YEAR: TEKPATL, Flint, Our Tongue, Word, Profound, Pointed & Sharp, Profound Method of Study & Analysis to Produce Enduring Concepts, Companion with CHALCHIUTOTOLIN Jade Turkey, Force of Action, Vanity of Humans, Teaches to Sacrifice the Eyes & Ego to Be a Torch of Light--not Smoke and to Be a Mirror for Others by Seeing with Your Heart
www.aztekayolokalli.com, Mazatzin Aztekayolokalli http://on.fb.me/A3Rd10, & kozkakuautli@gmail.com


♥★☮ <---LOVE, LIGHT, & PEACE!