13:20 Calendar (12.29.12): HEAR THAT? GAIA’S STAR HEART IS HEALING!

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13:20 Calendar (12.29.12): HEAR THAT? GAIA’S STAR HEART IS HEALING!

ART: “The New Gaia-Light Activation Key Codes” by Gaia-Dawn Core Heart, http://www.gaiadonheart.com/

“You remain in the joy of creation and the creation of joy. Beloved Heart, at this pivotal instant of awakening, Be-come One, Be-come the Core One... Be-come the One Core-Heart.”

MUSIC: Donny Hathaway - Voices Inside (Everything is Everything) Live, http://youtu.be/lSdglxtW8Lg

“Come On, People! Raise the Vibration!”

♥ 11:11 MAKA WICAHPI WICOHAN (Word of Love, The Way of the EarthStar, Universal & Spiritual Laws of Creator):
DAY: HOLY BOY & WHIRLING RAINBOW WOMAN, in the UNIVERSAL LAW OF UNITY, THE ANTAKARANA, THE GOOD HEART, Saturn, Owl Day, Green Heart Star, Essence of Unity, “through the Sacred Language of the Star Symbols, we may speak to Mother Earth and heal her Heart, heal OUR connection to the Heart of Love as our Mother.” Code for the Day: http://tiny.cc/ctvopw

★ 12:12 UNCI IKTOMI WICAHPI WICOHAN (Word of Alignment, The Way of the StarSpider, Universal & Spiritual Laws of Universal Mother):
CEREMONY: REBIRTHING, Spiritual Attunement and Star Activation. Manifest Realm: ANI TSU TSA, PLEIADES, The Seven Sisters with ZITKANA SAN, Red Bird (Cardinal), WINYAN SAKOWIN, The Seven Sisters, and IKTOMI WAKAN, Sacred Spider ✡. “Becoming a star, is waking up to SPIRIT.....to wake up: PRAY.”

☮13:13: CAN WAKAN WICHON (Word of Peace, The Way of the Sacred Tree, Universal and Spiritual Laws of Creation, The Inner Akasha):
ANTAKARANA, UNIVERSAL LAW OF UNITY, 13th Dimension Yin: BUDDHA’S PRESENCE with UNCI IKTOMI Grandmother Spider, 12 CORDS OF LIFE Within Reflective Core, ANTAKARANA Love, The Good Heart. Star DNA Activation = Skull, Star Path = Grandmother StarSpider “Co-create multi-dimensionality in Cosmic Time cycles, pray with All Our Relations through the ALTARS OF CREATOR’S HEART--28 Pairs of Star Law (Codes). Day by Day, through Antakarana connection with Universe that binds Central Sun to Mother Earth’s glowing Heart, anchor the Light of the UNIVERSAL AND SPIRITUAL LAWS on Earth. Live in step with Mother Universe and Awaken. One Great Moon. 28 Pairs of Star Laws. The Power of One.”

MOON: GOOD HEART, CANTE WASTE HANHEPI WI, Center, Door of Creator, in the UNIVERSAL LAW OF UNITY with the ANTAKARANA “The Web of Life, Tree of Life, The Mother’s Heart, The Center Pole Love, Antakarana binds Central Sun to Mother Earth’s glowing Heart.” 13th Dimension, Green

SEASON: HEALING, HUPAHU LUTA OMAKA, with HUPAHU LUTA, RedWing Lady Bug, Rays Healing Energy, CHIRON, Opens Heart Portals, and SHEKINAH, Invokes Spirit of Healing, Gold

STARGATE: LOVE, THE GOOD HEART, “Reach Tops of Tree, 13th Moon and 13th Gate: Set yourself free: Non-judgment, Non-attachment, Clarity--live Ascension’s Web.”
www.star-knowledge.net & www.starelders.net

BLUE RESONANT EAGLE, Creates Vision, Kin 215, Hand-Guided (Accomplishment), BLUE Transforms. Red Rhythmic Dragon Moon, Gamma 17, “Mind responds to its own projections. All there is is mind; everything that exists is a projection of mind.”

“I Channel In Order to Create,
Inspiring Mind.
I Seal the Output of Vision
With the Resonant Tone of Attunement.
I Am Guided By the Power of Accomplishment.”

www.lawoftime.org, www.13moon.com, www.timewaves.org, www.spacestationplaza.com, www.planetartnetwork.info

LAMAT Rabbit/Star, South, Abundant, Fertility, Ability to Multiply All Things to Abundance, Growth, Attracts Pure Luck, Laid-Back, Drawn to Harmony & Ease, Surrenders Willingly to Life, Tone 12, (Understanding and Communication), with XIUHTECUHTLI, God of Fire and Time, Ruler of the First Day of the Trecena, and the First Day and First Heaven of the Galactic Underworld, Initiation, Sowing

DAY UNTIL SUNSET: AKATL Reed/Bamboo/Our Internal Self, Conduces Heat and Energy. Intellgence, Observation, Analysis, Memory, and the Subconscious. Through the Subconscious He Can Be at All Places & See All Things, Even with His Eyes Bandaged. Can Unite the Collective Intentions to Make Even Nature FulFill Its Mission. Companion to YAYAUKI TEZKATLIPOKA IXKIMILLI, Black Smoking of the Mirror. Ability to See Without Eyes. The Conscious & Memory. Assists in Consciousness, Dreams, Visions, & Subconscious Activity.

DAY AFTER SUNSET: OZELOTL Jaguar/Our Listening. Audacious & Tenacious Guide, and a Champion of the Just Cause, A Guardian of the House of Creating Energy, TEOKALLI. Companion to TLAZOTEOTL, TLAZOLTEOTL Creating Energy Generated by Love. Regeneration of Creating Energy by the Mother Earth of Those Things That Spent Their Lives.

PERIOD: PANKETZALIZTLI: Raising of the Precious Standards, UITZILOPOCHTLI, The Will

YEAR: TEKPATL, Flint, Our Tongue, Word, Profound, Pointed & Sharp, Profound Method of Study & Analysis to Produce Enduring Concepts, Companion with CHALCHIUTOTOLIN Jade Turkey, Force of Action, Vanity of Humans, Teaches to Sacrifice the Eyes & Ego to Be a Torch of Light--not Smoke and to Be a Mirror for Others by Seeing with Your Heart
www.aztekayolokalli.com, Mazatzin Aztekayolokalli http://on.fb.me/A3Rd10, & kozkakuautli@gmail.com


♥★☮ <---LOVE, LIGHT, & PEACE!