~5~22~11 ~Death is just as illusory as your bodies~ LOVE REPORTER JOHN SMALLMAN

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~Death is just as illusory as your bodies~


Your expectations are intensifying in anticipation of the moment of your awakening. You have been asleep for what seems to have been eons, even though it has been but an instant, and you are, very naturally, becoming increasingly impatient. You want to come Home to the glorious welcome that you know awaits you, and yet the moment for which you are waiting seems indiscernible, in fact quite out of sight, from your viewpoint in the dream reality that envelops you.

Many of you are discussing its arrival with hope and enthusiasm, but it is very difficult for you to know and believe that its arrival is imminent with the same sense of certainty that you have with respect to one day following the next. Rest assured that what God has promised will occur because He cannot and never would wish to renege on a promise. His promise is His unbreakable contract with you which He longs to fulfill in every detail at the moment that was decided on at the instant of your separation from Him, and nothing can prevent the fulfillment of that divine promise.

As we in the spiritual realms watch the completion of the remaining preparations that lead to the moment of your awakening, our hearts are filled with joyous expectation of your amazed delight as it occurs, and with immense compassion for your sense of doubt and anxiety as it seems to you that there is no end to the required preparations for this momentous event, and to your seemingly interminable period of waiting.

It is hard for you to remain focused on the fact that a glorious outcome is assured while you continue to experience life in an environment where most of the information in the public domain is about war, suffering, deceit, and betrayal. But this unhappy state is coming to an end because it is God’s Will and yours to end the nightmare so that you can awaken into Reality, your eternal Home.

As you continue to live through this waiting-period, which was truly over as soon as it began, remind yourselves constantly that what you are experiencing is an illusion. You are in the process of awakening from an insane nightmare, in which it seems you are, each one of you, individual beings constantly in danger of being attacked and destroyed by any of the billions of other individuals with which your dream is furnished. Weak and helpless, you keep trying to strengthen yourselves physically, emotionally, and intellectually so that you are better able to deal with the dangers that threaten you in every moment. And yet, however successful you may be in your endeavors, death is unavoidable, the final life event that no one can bypass.

But this is not so, Hallelujah! You are all divine, immortal beings, created in Love by your heavenly Father for an eternal existence in infinite joy. Death is just a laying-down of the body when you have no further need of it, because your life, your existence, is eternal, forever, without end. As humans, in bodies, that is rather a daunting thought, because the body deteriorates with age, making it abundantly clear to you that your earthly life is most definitely very limited, and as you get older, seems rather short as time seems to move more and more quickly. Yet the thought of eternity enclosed in a human body becomes increasingly unappealing – but you do not want to die!

The good news is that death is just as illusory as your bodies and the environment in which they seem to exist. Your inevitable destiny is eternal life in eternal joy, and that is totally beyond the realms of the limited imagination available to you as you dream away in the illusion.

With so very much love, Saul.