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~A Love Message from The Arcturians, 17 June 2011~

Every day the joyful vibrations on your planet are increasing, your planetary ability to hold the joy vibration is increasing! We say to you that every action you take, no matter how tiny, every thought you think, every word you speak – everything contributes vitally to the energetic interplay emergent at this time. Consciousness itself is not raising, you are raising your own vibration and your planet’s to ascend to a higher understanding of what consciousness is. To experience another layer.

The more love you have the capacity to carry now, the more you can assist your planet and all its beings, so we encourage you to find the techniques that resonate best with you for stabilizing and working with the transformative energy you are feeling, and opening to even higher frequencies if you can.

From our perspective, the light which each one of you is able to shine on other beings is visible, we see the activity taking place energetically. All energy is subtly networked and even the tiniest changes ripple through the whole. We see the joy vibration and even higher vibrations rippling and expanding through the energy field of your planet and out, much, much further. Your joy is radiating out into the universe and into many universes.

We are here with you in a dimension that your science cannot model yet, we exist in a dimensional framework which is counter-intuitive to your own. We have been here throughout your history and communicated with many who were open to us, we communicate on a frequency that is very close to intuition. Never before have we seen this kind of energetic activity on such a scale on Earth. Love is transforming the energy field of your planet and everything around it, we are watching it unfolding, it is beautiful to see!

Through Ask-Aliens.com 17 June 2011