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Introduction to Night 4 ~ Entering the Universal Underworld




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From July 13th to July 30th, we enter into Night 4 of the Universal Underworld with a focus on the Twelfth Ray of One Unity Consciousness, accelerated through the Full Moon on July 15th. This beautiful golden flame is the energy that will embrace Mother Earth and all her Life from 2012 from a ray perspective, and over the next eighteen days in particular, we have the opportunity to truly experience the essence of our God Selves, our I Am Presence, as we integrate and transcend the dualities within ourselves and lift the vibration of all Life on this Earth plane into Christ Consciousness while bringing together the perfect balance of our own Divine Masculine and Feminine archetypes of Light.

When we talk about "Christ Consciousness" we are referring to the state of Divine Perfection, illuminating intelligence, wisdom, Love, peace, empowerment, abundance, creativity and harmony that is inherently the birthright of every Soul in Creation; and in this Now, providing us with a window of opportunity to embrace our shadow aspects, and that of the world through healing, Love and Unity Consciousness as we continue to anchor the new etheric recodings of the 12 Strand DNA further amplified through the Crystalline City of Light above Palenque in Mexico.
As we work through the Unity Grid of Light and the holographic crystalline matrix of Light, we continue to anchor the 11:11:11 Planetary Crystalline Vibration of Divine Love, the Crystalline144 Unity Grid, to be activated on November 11th, 2011; at that moment, the Crystalline Cities of Light will amplify the energy of the sacred sites, vortices, and portals of Light through the rays, and the Atlantean Master Crystals and crystal skulls, and we will collectively activate the new etheric recodings of the 12 Strand DNA as we merge at a deeper level with our I Am Presence, while the Solar Grid of Light is further activated within and around the Unity Grid of Light.
Through Night 4, we further enter into Lord Melchizedek's Golden Chamber Ascension Seat within the middle Earth, Overlighted by the Melchizedek Brotherhood of the Light to receive the streams of consciousness of merging timelines taking us into the remembrance of the teachings of Light from On High, primarily Atlantis and ancient Egypt, and the understanding too of our immortal nature.
On a planetary level, we are invited to work with Nature Intelligence, the Overlighting Deva of Healing, Pan, the Overlighting Deva of Mother Earth as well as the entire Company of Heaven, as we assist in the healing of Mother Earth's energy body created through human miscreations in preparation for Heaven on Earth.
Invocation to Night 4 of The Universal Underworld
I call upon the Overlighting of Mother/Father God, and all the Beings of Light from On High that I personally acknowledge as I now merge with my I Am Presence, expanding my I Am Avatar Blueprint of Light in this alignment to my Highest Light.
I call upon the Archangels and Angels, the Mighty Elohim, the Ascended Masters, Melchior, Lord Melchizedek, Lord Metatron and the Brotherhood of the Light, Helios and Vesta, Lord Buddha, the Pleiadians, Sirians, Andromedans and Arcturians, and all the Beings of Light from On High assisting through the Crystalline Cities of Light, Shamballa and multidimensionally in the creation of Unity Consciousness for the new Earth.
I now call in the Overlighting Deva of Healing, Pan, the Overlighting Deva of Mother Earth and all other Nature Intelligence and Nature Spirit Intelligence that wish to assist in the healing and recalibration of Mother Earth's energy body.
I now ask to be taken in an external Merkaba vehicle of Light into the Crystalline City of Light above Palenque so I may experience the twelfth ray of One Unity Consciousness.
I now enter into this City of Light, greeted by three High Priests and find myself within a sacred golden Flower of Life sphere of Light.
I now call forth to all the Beings of Light from On High,
to actualize the twelfth ray of One Unity Consciousness,
in a beautiful golden flame within and around my body,
so I may experience union with the Divine,
 so I may find the perfect balance of the Divine Feminine and Masculine within my Self,     
     so I may transmute my dualities and experience Oneness with all Life,      
so I may assist as a Christ Conscious Being of Light in lifting the vibration of all Life into that of Unity Consciousness.
I now find myself in Lord Melchizedek's Golden Chamber  Ascension Seat, Overlighted by  the Melchizedek Brotherhood of the Light.     
        I now experience the merging timelines of Atlantis and ancient Egypt in particular, bringing through the remembrance of my Self Mastery as an initiate of Light through the teachings of Light from On High.
I now experience the activation of my immortal chromosomes as the sub-atomic particles within my body spin in increased light.  I now experience my physical body as a body of Light, as my I Am Avatar Blueprint of Light.
 I now find my Self on the Unity Grid of Light assisting the Company of Heaven, Light workers,  Starseeded Ones, and Nature Intelligence in wrapping this Golden Flame of Unity Consciousness within and around this Earth plane,
 I now assist in the healing of Mother Earth's energy body, experiencing, sensing and merging into Oneness.
I now assist in taking this Golden Flame of Unity Consciousness into the hearts of all humanity, so they too may choose these keycodes of Divine Love and One Unity Consciousness.
I now assist in anchoring  the new etheric recodings of the 12 Strand DNA through the Christ Consciousness Grid of Light, so that all Life may experience their multidimensionality as Master Beings of Divine Love through the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God.
I Am a Christ Conscious Being of Light,
I Am Wisdom, devotion, and illuminating intelligence,
I Am Love, power, harmony and peace,
I Am equilibrium, creativity and inspiration,
I Am magnetism and enlightenment,
I Am One with all Life
I Am All That I Am.
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Night Four of the Universal Underworld
Transmission from the Elders
Mp3 download www.pleiadianlight.net/dl.htm
Welcome, this is Anrita Melchizedek. I am now going to make a connection to the Elders, ancient Celestial Beings, and High Council Members to the Order of Melchizedek to bring through a deeper understanding of Night Four of the Universal Underworld.
Welcome, sweet ones. It gives us great pleasure to be with you at this time. And particularly as we bring a focus to that of Christ Consciousness. For you are all these Christ Consciousness Beings of Light, these Master Beings of Love and Light, and moving more into this matrix, into the paradigm of this new reality and this new Earth, as you download, these keycodes of Light and connect into the Unity Grid of Light. And the experience of this is available too for all Life on this earthplane. The Unity Grid of Light, sweet ones, this Crystalline Matrix of Light, holding the Highest Potential of all Life, is too moving into the Matrix of Unity Consciousness through the Master frequency of 144, which is further to be activated on 11-11-11. These DNA encodings of Light that are coming through at this time, are directly related to the energy of the third level of Christ Consciousness. The third level of Christ Consciousness, which lifted the Unity Grid and all Life into this level, was experienced initially on April the 23rd, 1994 through a Galactic alignment of Light between Sirius A, Sirius B and the Earth, an event that occurs once every 90,000 years. In this alignment of Light the energy of the Mahatma, (the Director of the tenth ray of Divinity, holding this perfect balance of empowerment, Love and wisdom), created a bridge of Light from the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God onto this earthplane with the assistance of the Sirian Archangelic League and many other Beings of Light from On High. Amplifying the Unity Grid so that all Life could start to receive these encodings of Light through this near-perfect phi ratio and the energy of the star tetrahedron. The star tetrahedron is found within the original Divine eight-cell blueprint and within each cell within the body, holding this frequency of Unity Consciousness, and is further, the shape used to activate the Lightbody/Merkaba. Further to this, at this moment in time, the two etheric chromosomes holding the understanding of your immortality were activated, which means you now have 46 chromosomes, plus 2 etheric chromosomes, waiting to be activated as you move beyond the veils of illusion into the knowing of yourself as these Immortal Beings of Light.
Now, in these DNA encodings that will be activated through this frequency of 144 and the Crystalline matrix on November the 11th, you have the ability to activate these etheric chromosomes as well as re-encode the twelve strand DNA, as you step into a deeper level of being these Ascended Masters on the earthplane; of having the ability to truly move into the new paradigm of this sacred earth, as well as take on a deeper level of these Ascended Master gifts, such as teleportation, shape-shifting, telepathy, clairvoyance, clairsentience, and so on. As you build this framework over the next five months, in particular, what you will find is certainly that there is no need now to experience the duality on this earthplane, but it does require for you, as you move into this new reality, to truly be able to let go and let God, truly to trust and surrender to the Divine.
And in the month of July in particular, come into that space within yourself that creates a place of stillness and balance, for these emotional oscillations are occurring more rapidly as more Light is anchored onto this earthplane. Which means, there is nowhere to hide, sweet ones. These shadows are being faced both individually and collectively, and it is important that you honor yourself as this initiate of Light. Move into the energy of Unity Consciousness by embracing all aspects of yourself. Through this you move out of judgment of self, out of judgment of others, and further into the alignment of your I Am Presence and the I Am Avatar Blueprint of Light.
In this Now, it is about looking at what Unity Consciousness means to you. The greatest experience of this is at this moment is felt through the Unity Grid. When you are feeling a sense of isolation, when you are feeling a sense of separation, take yourself in Soul consciousness into the Unity Grid of Light. For, not only are you connected to your Soul and Star families of the Light through the Unity Grid, to all the lightworkers and starseeded ones, assisting in the ascension of this earthplane, but you are further connected to the Legions upon Legions of Light and through this, into the essence of your multidimensionality through the portals of Light within and around this earthplane.
This Unity Grid of Light further holds the energetic keycodes on a planetary level, which will assist you in your service work and sacred contracts, not only on an individual basis, but also coming together collectively. For many lightworkers and starseeded ones, this lifetime has indeed been challenging, as you have taken on those issues, not only genetically inherited and carried through from parallel realities and created in this lifetime, but in order to be able to transmit this for yourself and create this frequency by the patternings of Light for others. Remember that you are never given more than you can handle.
At this moment in time there are those of you that are passionate and creative, inspired and ready to move outward in focus. There are others that are needing to move inwards and to have a look at themselves, to have a look at, not only what brings them joy, but also this sense of interconnectedness, this sense of Unity Consciousness. Unity Consciousness is embracing all Life and this too can sometimes be difficult when you experience the streams of consciousness of the lower dimensions and with this, the energetic vibrations that cause discord within your energy bodies.
Sweet ones, know that you are not alone. Know that you are surrounded by the Legions upon Legions of Light, as these Beings of Divine Love, as these Keepers of the Flame of Divine Love and Unity Consciousness. This energetic matrix was created at zero point through the energy of Jesus the Christ in anchoring the 144,000 components of Light through the Master Beings that came through from different galaxies and star systems. These spirals have created groups and matrixes of 144,000. This is the 'Waves' of Unity Consciousness expanding within and around this earthplane, and certainly too, within and around this multi-universe, through the spirals of light or fibonacci ratios so to speak.
The essence of this Master vibration of 144 is also the essence of 'your' I Am Presence or Christed Overself of the Light. At a Soul level you are one of twelve Souls connected to the energy matrix and vibration of 'your' wonderful Higher Self of the Light and magnificent Guardian Angel. This vibration expands as this network of Light and family of Divine Love comes together through the energy of twelve Higher Selves of the Light. And each Higher Self, with these twelve Soul rays, forms this matrix of Divine Light into your I Am Presence and the Soul connection of 144 Soul rays, your Soul family of the Light. And in this expansion of Light, over the next five months, in particular to November the 11th, you will start to create and experience this collection vibration of Light that will assist you to network and step into a deeper level of empowerment, of Love, of wisdom, through not only the embrace of your earthly Soul and Star families of the Light, but further to this, through the energetic downloads and keycodes of your I Am Presence, connecting you into those that are of a similar vibration and wavelength.
Additionally, the fibonacci ratio is to be found within each of the seven chakras of the body, taking you again into the vibration of 144. The base chakra holds the vibration of 8 to 5, the sacral holds the vibration of 13 to 8, the solar plexus holds the vibration of 21 to 13, the heart holds this vibration in the fibonacci ratio spiral of 34 to 21, the throat holds this energetic vibration of 55 to 34, the third eye of 89 to 55, and the crown chakra of 144 to 89. And the crown chakra too is an energetic connection into Unity Consciousness as well as being a third dimensional portal. As this portal is activated at a third dimensional level, it takes you into the realm of the Ascended Masters within Shamballa, and the ray Masters in particular. And additionally, into a deeper level of your multi-dimensionality through the portals of Light and stargates within and around this earthplane. This is experienced through the Master numbers of 11, and these higher dimensional portals are directly related to this fibonacci ratio through the Master numbers and frequencies related to this. The 3rd dimension holds this fibonacci ratio of 144 to 89 and the Master number of 11. At a 4th dimensional level, this Master number is 22, at a 5th dimensional level 33, at a 6th dimensional level 44, at a 7th dimensional level 55, at an 8th dimensional level 66, at a 9th dimensional level 77.
We also use the fibonacci ratio sequence to activate the Lightbody/Merkaba through the sacred geometric shape of the star tetrahedron. This is one of the shapes that is going to be further activated on November the 11th, which will assist in your Lightbody/Merkaba activations too. And on December the 21st - 22nd, 2012, you have the potential to assist in the Lightbody/Merkaba activation of Mother Earth in particular.
This brings us back into the energy body in this Now of Mother Earth, where through the assistance of Nature Intelligence, the Overlighting Devas and Pan, holding this bridge of Light between Nature Intelligence and the Beings of Light as well as Nature Spirit Intelligence, the fairies, the gnomes, goblins, the pixies, the leprechauns, -- all these precious beings are available to assist in the creation of harmonious puzzle pieces, wanting to assist in the ascension of this Earth and all her Life. And, in holding this matrix of Light, assisting in the human miscreations within Mother Earth's energy body, is primarily the Overlighting Deva of Mother Earth at this time.
As you focus on the energy body of Mother Earth, you further have the ability to assist in healing yourself and all Life. This is a time of stepping inwards in focus, this is a time of acknowledging your wounds, this is a time of loving and appreciating your Self, and taking this into the energy body of Mother Earth, in reverence, in deep love, in respect, in honoring of Mother Earth, of Nature, and of all Life in Unity Consciousness and Divine Love.
Over the next 18 days, you are invited into Lord Melchizedek's Golden Chamber Ascension Seat within the middle earth. This is further a portal into the Halls of Amenti as well as into the inner Earth, into Agartha, Shamballa and underground cities of Light such as Telos. These Beings of Light within the inner earth or the hollow earth, as it is also called, hold the energy of Melchizedek Consciousness and have lived for many, many years in the same body, their body of Light or I Am Avatar Blueprint of Light. In the dream state, you have opportunity to meet these Beings of Light, and sweet ones, it is a time too, that you can choose to truly experience the sense of your immortality in a physical body too, creating your etheric electronic body of Light, creating your I Am Avatar Blueprint of Light. What this requires of you is to move into that place simply of Divine Love and letting go of the false belief of death and dying. As you taken into Melchizedek's Golden Chamber Ascension Seat, the streams of consciousness of your Highest Potential as this Master Being are being activated at a cellular level, primarily in the timelines experienced through ancient Egypt and Atlantis in particular.
These teachings of Light will bring through a recalibration of the Left and Right Eye of Horus. The teachings of the Left Eye of Horus in ancient Egypt was experienced primarily through the twelve temples along the river Nile, and this was the essence of coming into Divine Love. As we have taken you through the energy of these rays through the Crystalline Cities of Light over these last few months, have a look at those issues that have been coming up for you through the First Ray of Will and Power, through this essence of power and control issues, stepping into trusting and surrendering to the Divine. Have a look through the essence of the Second Ray of Love-Wisdom, at how you have come into a deeper level of creativity and passion, of self-nurturing, of self-appreciation; through the Third ray of Divine Intelligence, have a look too at how you have experienced the wisdom teachings of Mother/Father God or moved out of the negative ego, the lesser-than and better-than consciousness, the victim and persecutor consciousness into the energy of receiving the teachings of Light through the Illumination of the Mind of Mother/Father God. These three rays in particular are important in forming the essence of the Three-Fold Flame, and, sweet ones, they are played out in different ways, so have a look at your judgments, have a look at what you think of yourself, what you feel about yourself; how you behave, what negative attributes or possibly thoughts come up, to take you into the lesser-than consciousness. How do you respond to others in this frequency of Divine Love? In this essence of Unity Consciousness? Is this done with humility, is this done with wisdom, the knowing of your Self as this Being of Light, of being the essence of your God-Self, or are you still playing out the dualities through the frequencies of the lower energies on this earthplane? It is very common to experience the lower frequencies in particular. For they are part of this earth reality, and it is in lifting yourself into viewing Life through your Master Eyes that you will be able to expand your consciousness of Light in 'Awareness', in 'Consciousness' and also into the expansion of Divine Love and Unity Consciousness.
So these twelve initiatory Temples along the Nile through the Left Eye of Horus carried, primarily, the vibration of the first twelve rays. This, too was an expansion into creativity, into balance and harmony, into a deeper alignment of Light, into devotion and trust, into ceremonial magic, into transmutation/transcendence and into the essence of your Highest Light; of aligning with your original Divine eight-cell blueprint, of understanding your sacred contract and service work, of experiencing this perfect balance of the three-fold flame through the tenth ray of Divinity, of the experience too of the eleventh ray of illumined Truth, the energy Overlighting this year in particular, that of the Divine Feminine. And also, this Temple experience was very much about Unity Consciousness before moving into the Right Eye of Horus, which was experienced multidimensionally primarily through the essence of your I Am Presence and the hieroglyphics, sacred geometries and teachings of Light on both the inner and outer planes, as well as the embodiment of yourself as this Master Being.
You are undergoing these levels of initiations in different ways, sweet ones. Often these initiations are experienced in cycles of twelve as well as cycles of seven. Have a look at how these cycles are affecting you over this seventh month in July. As you are truly moving into the Teachings of Light of the Right Eye of Horus over the next few months - through the Melchizedek Teachings of Light, to the experience of the Ashrams on the inner planes through the Galactic Federation of the Light, through the Brotherhood of the Light, through the Great White Lodge, through the Ascension Seats, the ashrams of the rays and other ashrams of Light that you personally acknowledge. As you transform, as you transmute, as you heal and Love yourself and all Life, you come into deeper gatherings with others. The sense of isolation, the sense of separation, even as lightworkers highly evolved, is one of the energies that can be transmuted primarily at this time through the experience of connecting into the Unity Grid of Light and sending out those requests of how you would like to network with others on a physical level, whether through the twin flame energy, as you balance too, the inner feminine and masculine within yourself, whether through networking with like-minded souls or with your star family and friends of the Light, whether through ceremonial work through the sacred sites, whether through meditation or workshops, or simply the experience of like-minded soul family and friends, -- put this out there and see this manifest as co-creators of Light.
This energy matrix and DNA encodings that are being activated now to be downloaded through the activation of the twelve strand DNA and the 11-11-11 Planetary Crystalline Vibration of Divine Love, is taking you into the energy of Atlantis, into this Golden Age of Light, where you have experienced yourselves primarily as High Priests and Priestesses. Allow these merging realities to move into this Now, as you ground into the crystal heart of Mother Earth, honoring your Self as this Divine Flame, as this Keeper of Divine Love and Unity Consciousness, as Master Beings and caretakers to Mother Earth. And with this, we bid you a most magical day.
Transcribed by AliceAnn
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