ABC4 News UFOS over Highland, Utah June 19, 2012

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OK, these look similar to what Ive seen before, this looks almost spiritual.The white light doesnt look like a cluster, it looks like a single entity. RED lights? Kind of reserved for certain craft from what I recall.


Some sort of probe?


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This is very similar to the communication I had on Saturday night (the night of the 16th) in terms of the lights being in a formation, 'new' lights appearing and so on.  I wonder how much the camera was zoomed, etc, the ones I saw seemed to be very far up.  I have seen those energy beams eminating from them, but I didn't know if it was just my eyes!  


My sense is they go in and out of dimension, deliberately of course.  They 'see' you watching them and try to communicate.  My sense is there are many craft up there, 'cloaked' (in the other dimension) on any given night. :)

this isnt recent footage

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i follow sightings on youtube daily  for 4 yrs  this footage is not recent. 2011 maybe 2010 niether the less strange


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In the interview before the footage of the lights start, there is SNOW on the ground. Fairly sure that there is not that much snow on the ground in late June in Utah!