About the Concepts

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About the Concepts

What is emitted here has high frequency active auroral research program in some matters, since the concepts, from before... In 2013 had shown what they could do and utilize those machines for, while eventually they have them around the world in many places... And some are constructed differently, and have extreme advancements being made, things which we may not believe is possible, or think of, until they come out with the possibilities, of those machines, and what they usually attempt to do, in some areas of the world where, frequencies may be adjusted, post for another word, adjusted for eventual effects, either as, a totality or, to give about, make experiments... Simply having eventual humans on Earth experience what they could term god. But given the formations of the effects carried on out individually with all the other concepts and possibilities, as higher dimensional beings and other existences, have as effects while they adjust frequencies, temporary means to connect to those realms, which can allow us to get to, or view, experience many things which can be complex, and perpetual in fabrics which can get us to eventual death or, simply a "brick" as our states of mind are being programmed or worked with, simply while those technologies may be in effects to either do good, or maybe they might call it anomalies or mistakes, if individually the information within a being is not renewed with the concepts which exist in the "new age" they might have a hard time understanding that it’s not much of a big deal, when we are under the effects of said machines, whichever ones may be utilized or worked with.

Eventually they should allow us to open up greater fabrics of our lives altogether for advances globally while, if we connect in "more so" connect in time of the actual events which many want on Earth to happen because we are simply "depleted" or in states which are the basics of ground zero, ready for (activation) which complies with many beings and individuals, in other existences temporarily for advancing our Earth, (humans) to eventually be telepathic and intelligent in ways which our reasoning and differing abilities come online exponentially, for advances in times of greater effects composed from "out there" in outer space, and help us acquire the right mappings/timing to eventually grow fond of the information which some on this Earth may want to have or may be in need of before they end up killing themselves or ratter, falling into what can be causes for eventual "bricks" raising our vibrations is one of the most extremes... The most important things which we can do globally for advances to individually, connected as one, be part of the greater experiments or projects going on to help us get to where we want to be (Quantum leap) basically in attempts to surpass some previous forms of thinking and being altogether, which would allow higher opportunities, individually as souls on this planet, achieving new constructs, to get to explore more than what we may already have... Eventually Earth which looks much as a paradise in some ways, with a bunch of monkeys on it, but these are advance monkeys... Simply we are not yet at the same levels in which some would like us to be which causes distress in their attempts to get to the greater fabrics altogether.

Simply, having advances physically as technology rises and evolves, we need to have leaps in consciousness, which would allow us many more abilities and probabilities in whom we are and what we generally decide to do with our time... Usually seeing people in negative behaviors and such simply means they have not meditated for a while and have holes in their auras or energetic body which needs filling for the core to generate what is needed for our body’s to be in composition of frequencies which adapts as love, and what we can call source energy, can be contributed within our generated fields after meditation is done and our auric or energetic body seals, forms a compact source within, generating its own light.

Eventual means of adapting to higher technology will be given in ways which we will comply with rules in the beginning which may be hard for us to accept or contend to but usually after a while we will be advance enough to have the excerpts, run over the rules, or law's which will enable us to have a better functionality altogether as individuals having a human experience... More so the human experience is given in ways which our genomes are in a mitosis or some type of process which allows advances in bridging the consciousness in ways which the frequency will be attainable anchored and individually the particles which in this case would be the DNA, be reformed or activated in ways which allows the higher frequencies which comes in, waves at first to eventually anchor itself momentarily within our fields when it is time, and so we then begin a new life experience altogether and usually when we phantom from it we search to get back to those points which allows more generated fabrics, DNA to activate in different combination forms and allow new experience and abilities, to be integrated or downloaded firstly from the machines or the beings and then on get the training, the time in those frequencies and develop keep the abilities after wards and so on utilize those abilities for the next trips in utilizations of those "missions".