Accepting This Week's Enhancements

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Accepting This Week’s Enhancements


Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for Life Tapestry

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Dear Ones,

The Universal energies floating about the earth over the next few days are designed to create a new sense of self within your being.

Your entire being is shifting in ways that words cannot completely describe.

Even though you have been shifting for months, years, or decades, this shift is different because you will change within minutes or days instead of months or years. You may feel tired, anti-social, or need to be with others. It does not matter. All that matters is listening to your needs and following them.

Many of you feel no different than you did yesterday or last month, and such will remain true. As a child, you did not necessarily notice evolving from playing with building blocks to reading a paragraph book. It just happened as it seemed right to happen. So it is now.

You have new needs to fulfill. Even though who you were yesterday is no longer, no apparent indicators allow you to understand how different your unique skillset is.

You will develop a need or thought one day and create it the next. For example, you might hear words within your being before the person you are with states them. Or need to be in a particular place, even though being in that place does not seem logical.

Once you tap into Universal skills, there are no limits to what is possible. But because you are unique, you will tap into skills essential for your advancement, but not necessarily for your partner or next-door neighbor.

Each step into new you is a unique adventure that can only be fully addressed by you. Perhaps you will understand what another is thinking without hearing words. Or close your eyes, remaining fully conscious, and fly hither and yon. Or address others from your heart instead of your mind. And on and on, from one new amazing skill to another.

But you will not necessarily wake to a specific skill. You might find yourself dancing around various skills until one strikes the right note for you, like selecting a color to paint your bedroom.

It does not matter how you dabble in various skills - either the length of time or variety. What does matter is you are no longer stable in your knowingness or being, as was true in 3D. In 3D, you shifted with age and experience. Your progression was linear and expected. What you are delving into this week and forevermore is the unknown, the unexpected, the new, or whatever phrase you choose.

What was is no more, including you - as of this week. Perhaps you will awake with a new skill or wish to pursue a new skill. Maybe you will float into that skill without acknowledging it until you look back at who you once were. It does not matter. All that matters is you are adding skills necessary for your new being and doing so without reaching beyond yourself as was necessary in 3D. It will happen without needing to practice, pray, pay for services, or do anything other than just be.

But you might find yourself emotional and exhausted. Imagine how tired you would have been if your first-grade teacher insisted you understand graduate-level texts before progressing to the second grade. You would likely have had difficulties sleeping, playing, eating, or fulfilling common age-appropriate attributes. Something similar is happening now. The difference is you do not have to do anything other than ride the waves to and through your new attributes.

You will attain your new skill or skillset even if you are fearful. It just is. Just as male voices change in puberty.

Months ago, en masse, you established when this shift would happen. It is like a train slowly chugging along until it picks up speed and races through the countryside. You are now racing to fulfill this critical stage of your being.

Accept this preplanned shift without trying to slow your speed or sequence of events. Doing so will only stress your being. Allow yourself to flow, and your new skills will appear or be enhanced without effort or support from others.

Your new being is not only peeking out from your physical being; it is shouting to the world, "I'm not in Kansas anymore and never will be again."

Allow yourself to rest when you are tired and play when you have the energy to do so. Do not be frightened by your inner thoughts, words, or need for action. You are you in all your new shining glory. So be it. Amen. To receive Brenda's Blog, subscribe via Or, click the Subscribe Button on the upper part of her "Blog & Subscribe" website page ( and click the –subscribe to Brenda's Blog by E-mail – line. Complete your subscription by entering your e-mail address and accepting the e-mail confirmation. 

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