Activating your own DNA

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I am thinking about DNA activation, ascension, raising your vibrational

frequency. When writing blogs, I like to bring what I am thinking about into meditation in order to learn more.

Images that came through in meditation was a Golden DNA strand as a ladder on a pirate ship. I can see this as ascension which is raising yourself to a higher level of consciousness connecting with intelligence beyond earth in the higher frequency reality. I could feel DNA being activated and spiraling out of my crown while spinning. Imagination and meditation with intention can activate your DNA along with some other tools. 

Spinning Faster

The spin that I felt and saw was showing how it represents two polarities on each side of the double helix, and as your spin increases you cancel out the polarities and enter a non-dual state of being. Spin can also be your energy field. What was shown in meditation was that when your spin is slow, you see frames of the movie, like a slow animated film where you see picture by picture with almost a pause between them. There is not the continuity and it is clunky. That slow click, click, click way of seeing reality is how it is with a slow spin, akin to watching an old animated movie that is handmade, frame by frame. Once your spin goes faster as your vibration increases, your perspective is that the movie of reality is spinning around you super fast and the frames are all there, yet you are in the center of yourself watching this fast movie and seeing it for what it is. The movie of everyday reality is an illusion or maya as we have been told, and in higher consciousness the more true reality is experienced. You can hack reality to be the movie you want to experience or you have so many frames that you have access too, a great deal of creativity in experience becomes possible. 

Sacred Sound

The next thing that I see is a golden DNA strand but the strings connecting the sides of the double helix are golden delicate musical instrument strings that are making a beautiful sound. They make sound, and I started to naturally do some toning with them, which also can activate DNA. Sound is important to your spiritual journey. You can get into expansive states using sound and it effects you down to the DNA in each cell. Recently my ears have been ringing when the eclipse happened and afterward. We have been taught this is not a good thing. But I was coming to hear this tone when in silence and know this is my frequency that I hear when I am in a high frequency state and tuning in. The tone of you gives a point to start when working with toning. You create resonance within by using sound. Going to hear crystal bowls or a didgeridoo can also offer some sound healing, along with other means including singing, chanting and speaking or hearing light language.

The Arcturians say this:

Visualize the image of the DNA structure of the crystalline structure of your genetic foundation. To transform yourselves and move into a higher dimension, you must alter your genetic codes. These codes must be opened and given new instructions. This is an internal process you must go through. Visualize the helix structures found in the DNA YOu will learn to resonate and ulock your codes. This is one of the beautiful aspects of your advancement. Special words, sounds, and vibratory chants unlock your genetic structure. They put you in a proper vibratory state, a state of mind in which you can more easily receive thought transmissions and higher-frequency energy. When you move to a higher consciousness, imagine that the electromagnetic energies in your aura begin to spin faster. Spin the electrical energy so that you move your electromagnetic fields above your body as much as possible Spin your aura faster and faster. Start moving up. You have heard of the ladder of consciousness. When you have moved your consciousness up to a higher realm, then look back down into your physical body and into your cells. Seeing from a higher perspective, go into the cellular structures and individual cells with the eyes of your aura. Direct the highest source energy. Send light, love, and the word "opening" into your genetic codes. Focus on your DNA helix structure. Now spiral up the helix ladder you will rise and come into an opening of energy that some refer to as bliss. It is a natural, cosmic state.-from  the bookConnecting with the Arcturians by David K.Miller

This book happened to be opened to this part today, and the synchronicity added to my understanding and confirmed the relevance. Sounds, such as toning are important. Meditation and imagination and focus are important in DNA activation and raising your vibration. Add: connecting in meditation to your celestial team and source for receiving the guidance and transmissions. Everyone can do their own DNA activation, and can learn practices which assist in all of this and more. Check back for related offerings which are tools for your frequency raising evolution.

In the meantime, many blessings and thank you for reading!

Shannon Luminance River

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