~ADAMA~~The Collective Movement into Joy~

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~The Collective Movement into Joy~

Welcome to Telos. Please feel into the energy deeply.

I Am Adama, functioning as high priest in Telos and offering healing and love to the Universe – not just the Telosians only, nor are my services limited to people on planet Earth. There are things to be said and if I am to say them, then I will honor what Spirit has requested of me and so that is why I am choosing to make my voice heard on the planet’s surface right now. We only speak as Spirit directions, and so then our voices ripple out plainly and beautifully without any pain or drama attached – this can come from “speaking your mind” but we want to speak from our heart, as that is where true wisdom comes, and that is from where I speak, every day.

I make myself plainly heard on the surface through many mediums and channels, that I choose based on their proximity to Telos in vibration. Physical proximity really makes no difference, it’s a matter of energetic compatibility with what needs to come forth from within the inner earth.

In order to obtain this level of pure vibration – in order to interact and speak with us plainly on earth, in the physical body – it’s necessary to be pure in your intent. To open up widely to what is coming and is present now here on earth. When I speak of “what is coming” I am talking about a vision being held by key populations on earth, a bright future. If you are one of those holding this bright vision, continue to do it. You are part of a group of souls who incarnated for this purpose, to bring earth into her fullness of light and radiance. It is through each step, taken carefully, slowly, one at a time, that this vision of earth becomes our reality, for everyone to enjoy. It is only a matter of time, though minutes on the grand cosmic scale, before this ultimate vision of reality is attained for the earth. If you want to be a part of this, simply allow the vision to flow through you like a cascading waterfall.

The question is: How much can you enjoy? Are you willing to let the darkness and shadow slide away, moving away all the shame, regret, loss, frequencies of pain? Are you ready to be truly free, as the ocean, the cosmic blessings of your heart surrounding you, moving you freely, touching light to everything you do and become? Will you do this together? You have many supporters. Jesus, St. Germain, Mother Gaia, and many other Masters are all congregating together, at your beck and call, to be at your service in supporting your moving through any last pieces of shadow you may still hold in your awareness. It is time to let that go, now and forever.

It is peace that will follow after this release. It is energy, justice, freedom, joy, being in love with everything – “in-loveness” you can call it – I made that word up, but you can use it or follow your own intuition and use whatever words you want to conjure up, to describe your bliss in beingness, and enjoying the new reality you call yours in this next step of massive co-creation.

It is one release, as all let go of the pain. You will all, the entire planet will, feel it as one massive push and change. And it is up to us all to continue to have the vision in our hearts of how we will create the next aspect of this collective motion.

It has been a pleasure to exchange with you, words and vibrations and heart emotions, all of Telos and the Agartha nations with all of you above, as the vibrations of our words and light we send your way effectively transmutes emotional pain, and offers guidance on the etheric levels, just the same. It is a massive, on-going transmission and no one is left out of this move into planetary alignment in joy.