Advance Civilisations

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Advance Civilisations

Connected by advance forces (Universal forces) which abides in the All, pertaining functions of this civilization has purpose on this Earth for gatherings which will/has took/taken place accordingly for accountants missions or progress in doubtful areas where we had not achieve the necessary light quotient on this Earth. More so eventual reaps in postulations created from gathering in the nexus some codes attending for us to utilize in our greater mappings, helped us evolve to term what these civilisations may be doing in times where they became active in our societies (Earth).

Advance civilisations are all around us in space, coherently dependant on things which alleviate from their own agenda things which helps us in returning to our former selves in actualizing thoughts, (Thought forms) to utilize some concepts which can help alleviate the fabrics of all that we have gained from life going on day to day and having ingrained some more negative concepts or ways of being.

By having clearings, or transmutations, simply by allowing the timeline of the Earth to enter into a new age, what corresponds to gathering and accelerating the consciousness by expanding and helping us achieve moments of greater clarity and (knowing) all together.

Interdependence is key in some humans for/to actualize their daily gifts on occasions giving about a surplus or a map to help them align or gather what is necessary (adjustments) making them… To allow the next stage of evolution or simply help the populace or themselves (Each) together as one advance in times which allows things to manifest coherently and with patience and about understandings which allows and transforms bits and pieces of our general way of being or understanding in the first place.

This helps us ascend in frequency if we allow ourselves to be calm in attributes (Situations) which may be “Pissing you off” because you may be doing something and feel as if there is not enough time or something is on the line. Now what I want to consort with you is that there is an unlimited disposal of energy available for you to transform at any time, any given day which can allow you to make corrections from any differing causes of fluctuations by simply getting (going) into contact modules with your genomes natural abilities, which can be alleviated, formed, mastered for abundance throughout your everyday lives, living.

Consciousness which develops and can expand, be transformed…. More so in unlimited ways, can help us gather what is necessary while we are in search of alignments or simply gathering symmetrical TRIPs for postulations which our inner processes can go into deeper connotations and assemble some formations of a grand plan by actualizations of our senses in expansion to conscious decisions (Creations) while augmenting in dimensions or gathering space for contact modules… More so allow the effects of our ingrained minds touch the features of god and allow it to become available in our understandings trough experiences which are/may be something which the advance civilisations already hold in their space intact and available for extra sensory or timeline shifts or simply advents to quantum leaps, more so eventually by changing or making what seems impossible to be (Become) a possibility in how or what we can exchange as words to humans to explain within limits what can be seen as something which is unexplainable.

And yet from experiences all I can say is, achieve an extra high balance factor or simply some form of energy which you tap into once you do the proper work within as without, and have this kind of singular moment where time disperses and fades away, usually when I stay awake as an example, a day can go by and from the inner processes which may be at extreme proportions in a way, because of the way I am wired or my purpose here on Earth or simply because I needed to be contacted… Those days can have many different things happening which causes our general way of being to change completely in those moments and it’s as if it goes for or into a type of stasis where a great amount of predisposed energetic formations or consciousness is augmenting forming until it reaches a certain peak and a breakthrough is made within by having the process which evolves and has processes within its totality which in many cases look as supernatural or paranormal things, weird and strange things which we may not be used to if it has never happened… But this allows us to converse with the universe in a way which resembles key’s and codes trough every single thing that is going on around and within as predisposed events for actual timeline measurements and shift our consciousness in subtle ways by having these abilities or things help you in achieving a certain percentage of your totality, Mind and body connection with deeper processes which would allow you to understand what I term as parallels overlapping this physical dimension by the process which we can get to (attain within) in some ways as other things (precognition) and telepathy, or simply to get to see beings in other dimensions with your physical eyes… There needs to be a certain event in which you being in space in time at a particular stage which you are either in developmental fabrics or systematic analogies, interactions which may seem abnormal, supernatural feats or postulations which gathers unknowingly or knowingly within, something that resembles (walk-ins) or simply other things as getting to a certain point in which you are utilizing many portions of your brain (It’s activity may be endless) in which we can attain some of the information in other ways, dispositions which allows us to comprehend or change our timelines or simply get to a point in which we are achieving new abilities and go (get) at that space more than once throughout the year(s) to integrate and actualize bring about (Shift) at any moments and have it at our disposal.

The abilities in which we can develop is very limitless in ways where anything may be possible in concurrence to contact… Some of the technologies or civilizations which are very advance could get to help us in attaining a singularity in many differing causes, for many differing causes, which adapts in our potential (What we want) to attain or get to as a civilisation or simply you yourself in moments where (In which) you may be evaluated by other civilisations or beings of higher dimensions, or technological percussions, can help them in their purpose here on Earth while we adapt to what is needed momentarily for actual measurements in how this whole system is working pertaining to us as humans on this planet without knowing what we are doing here in the first place and just (At start) “from being born” have all this information and ways in which we need to be and integrate concepts and knowledge to get to where we are today… Well since the way that system may work is now in transformation, future timelines of individuals may be (Already have) what is in attendance to bring about some abilities and such for realignments and more so individual features (feats) in postulations and interactions of the 5th kind more so technological capabilities and advancements which should allow this space rock to shift accordingly with (In hopes) that we don’t fall back down to where we came from in as what pertains to cycles… But simply it seems what goes forwards can and will keep on augmenting if we/they simply keep intact and have the will to advance and keep on searching ameliorating and gathering (getting to) from an ocean of infinite possibilities and transformation what we can contend to in these times if and when the government or whoever’s job it is to govern this planet to help us alleviate at quicker rates what is needed for conscious revolution, evolution to be able to help us in getting all the abilities needed for space travel and more while being intact (Survive) more so as a peaceful and balanced, almost indestructible states of being which would allow the greater selves to take charge. Bring the master which is within us to evolve take shape and acquire what is necessary for what is to come in the future, notably if we keep on exploring and getting to higher grades of self-actualizations, or correspondence which helps from contact and sharing info, creating to help us get to inertia, or simply trigger points which may be subtle in expansions for greater clarity in what we are and what we can do… Then individually we will get contacted and augment in dimensions or the ways in which we can experience this dimension from actualizations and processes which goes on inherently (behind the scenes) as within we can go without but without we cannot go within.

Think of processes, which serves a function either you understand what function it serves and how it does, or you simply don’t but keep on exploring to achieve (Understand) see one day by either realizing or getting contacted by extra-terrestrials or interdimensional beings, and see something which can help you advance at quicker rates if you fall into (the right categories) which is people that have been in effects, viewed, or in wanting to reach the highest intellectual or physical, simply our vessels full potentiality and experience some of its features which may be alien to a lot of folks out there… And this is why some of our teachings can help them in seeing that things may be more normal than what it appears to be from having experiences which some people on this Earth shift in a wrong way and they begin thinking their Jesus or they are speaking with god, and just simply can’t handle the excess because of telling on out what they have experienced, and many people don’t know how to react to something like that and others have codes and training in what to do which some of them is simply beliefs (Which is not always good) as it can change the way that person feels, and if the emotional centers are not in balance or have been reinforced they may go on TRIPs which can be destructive… What I mean by this is simply people whom have either killed themselves or some that kill’s others because of experiences which where alien to them.

What is needed in our society when these experiences come about is (Intelligent) human beings which have in themselves cleared all which is necessary and gathered, actualized, experience what is important either by bits and pieces or big downloads coming in on occasions monthly, which without the information that is out there, and people having said experience share theirs, this can help some get to evolve at quicker rates and more so, A LOT of folks whom have had experiences which may have been supernatural or beyond, they just kept it secret with them and hold onto it or simply let it go… But usually the ideas in which they get from those experiences is that there is something wrong* which can be with them or the system or Earth itself, the universe… But one of the greatest things we can learn is that all is in rightful order, systems are working as they should and even if it takes time we have already crossed some thresholds which allows (Almost like a checkpoint) which allows us to be more relaxed in what is happening and have more experiences which becomes translucent to matter on this Earth and much more.

I will leave this here as is for now, and we will see what other information gets out. When I wright the information is written from start to finish 500-600 words in about 10-15mins and usually little corrections are made. The information comes in at great excess and I am not sure how yet but it has all kinds of evolving feats, and sometimes as yesterday I went and read delving deeper in cosmoses, which was one of the first channelings which I got in some of the new processes which enable me to get to this point. Anyway good luck on your travels, and dimensional TRIPs, we will speak again.




The Creation of Universal Life and Civilization

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As the planet ascends she is making available to us our infinite sources of creative life which we are able to focus into the creation of various components of civilization by our unified intention.


This is the method of our infusion of ascended life forces into the production of our new ascended living creation civilization.


To develop this further we need to recognize that our combined intention is the fundamental requirement to create the living creation civilization.