Andromeda and getting “less definitive”

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Monika was busy lately writing series of articles for geographic magazine about cosmic travels. She contacted Ponomaryev, he was glad to receive the call and seems their contacts after several successful tries had become routine - both enjoy nowadays talking to one another about anything, serious and not so serious. The bottom line for developing right climate of conversation with Professor is kind of mood devoid of presumptions,  no wonder why the safest way to wake professor’s interst anytime - even in a bad weather - is to open conversation about art - in this area usually nothing is taken for granted. 
Monika: The nature of things can be deceptive. But let me guess - Andromeadan  art forms are born from high degree freemindnessness and accuracy - they aren’t more strict than let’s say Earthly physics? 
Ponomaryev: Pretty close. The local artists don’t believe in eternal predestination, this has vast influence on art expressions…
Monika: Ah, predestination, I hope I understand. Is that the treshold of existence beyond which one experiences social void?
Ponomariev: Yes, sort of. While working on art, they contemplate less defined version of predestination than here on Earth - its less superficial - sort of, is skipping questions of early evolution and is pure for it wasn’t exposed to any form of demagogy of critics and intimidations of art enemies…
Monika: Ok. Art attributes can reveal thru variety of forms, let’s say positive and negative; the banal or obscure elements can be seen as less defined and the commitment to methaphysics is not a prerequisite condition for developing deep connection between artist and spectator….
Ponomariev: Yes, these are right essentials for good art experience. I’d add to that certain need for remaining “less definitive” about what one creates or perceives. Andromedan art has risen above timelessnes and mundane aspects of life, sort of, it developed beyond all known thresholds…
Monika: Thank you for your comments.