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Pluto goes Retrograde for six months beginning April 9, 2011 until Sept. 16, 2011.

Retrograde is what is meant by the apparent action and motion of a planet as we view it from earth. As viewed from earth, a retrograde planet appears to be standing still and/or moving in a backwards motion. When a planet is in retrograde, its energies and their affects on us, individually and collectively, are amplified. An example of this in a physical nature would be if you ran in place instead of running in a constant forward movement. In running in a constant forward motion your view is continuously changing, but if you run in place for an extended period of time, you are looking at the same view for this increased amount of time. You get to look at things in this one view and see the details very clearly.

To help understand what the energy of Pluto is all about, let’s take a quick look at a few of the keywords associated with it.

Cleansing & Healing
Generational Changes

A visual image often associated with the energy of Pluto is that of the Phoenix rising transformed and transmuted out of the flames of destruction.

Pluto is a strong energy. Pluto is about moving inward and really taking a good look at self. Pluto insists you release what no longer serves the Highest Good for self, but beyond that… Pluto in about affecting changes in generations; in other words, Pluto is here to assist us in making huge changes in our personal reality and in our Universal and Cosmic Realities; and changes that will affect our Reality for generations to come.

This is no easy work, but it is necessary work.

With Pluto going retrograde until mid September, we will be facing this work during this time.

Now, here is the trick.

You have a choice in how you perceive this work. You can be drug, kicking and screaming through the energies of this change and work, or you can see it for the gift of assistance it truly is.
If you decide not to buy into the fear based reality this Pluto retrograde is often touted as, and understand and perceive it in the manner in which is its truth, then you can tap into this gift and do the work necessary in a manner that is not only much more efficient, but also much easier and more pleasant.

The trick is to let go of your fears about change.

Don’t listen to the warmongers and fear-mongers that are stuck in the dense third dimensional energies continuing to deny and dread change. Understand these beings for who and what they are. They are a part of the ONE Divine Source, just as you and I are, but they have chosen, for whatever reason, to exist within a dark and oppressive reality of their own making. Do not judge them, or view them as inferior, for truly this is not the case. They are simply lost in a world of Illusion, playing parts they believe to be the only reality they can ever know. Send them loving energy they can use, if they so choose, to help them unravel them selves from the entanglements of this energy of fear, lack, loss and anger.

Also, when you can bring this amazing gift Pluto has to offer into your own energy field in a manner that allows you to consciously intend and assist the Collective Consciousness of Humanity and the ONE Divine Self, then an amazing and wonderful side effect occurs. By connecting to the ONEness we all are, you assist your SELF in releasing what no longer serves your individual Highest Good.

WOW! Finally a side effect worth having!

Along side of this move of Pluto into retrograde motion we are also experiencing a couple of other energy gifts from Divinity.

On Monday, April 11, 2011, (4/11/11) we will also be moving through another large Ascension Activation Portal, or Star Gate opening. We are also currently experiencing and receiving the energy of a very large Solar Flare.

This is a gift from the Solar BE-ing of Divine Consciousness that resides at the center of our Solar System, the Sun.

Once again, you have a choice to make in how you perceive this energy.

You can either buy into the fear consciousness of the lower frequencies that wish to keep you entrapped and entangled in a reality of illusion so as to steal your energy to use for the stagnation of the Collective Consciousness; or you can realize, understand and perceive this energy as the gift from Divinity’s Source it truly is.

By perceiving this gift in the way it is intended to be used you can tap into its strength and use it in the manner in which it is gifted; a source of energy to assist you personally in releasing what no longer resonates with your highest good, and energy to assist the collective in releasing what it needs to be finished with and let go of, so we move more easily, freely and efficiently into the next phase of our Reality in the processes of individual and Collective Cosmic Ascension.

My greatest desire and wish for each of you is that you can release from your personal energy fields and reality the energies of fear, lack, anger, loss, hatred and separateness that still exists in these realms we are here to heal.

When we come together as ONE, the ONE WE TRULY ARE… WE… move mountains, stir miracles into manifestation and CREATE A REALITY OF ONEness.

In Lak’ech Ala K’in

Blessings from All Realms of Creation

Essence Ka tha’ras

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