~Arch Angel Gabriel on bridging the gap to the fifth dimension~

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~Arch Angel Gabriel on bridging the gap to the fifth dimension~




There are many among us who have reached a level where the fifth dimensional earth is readily accessible. It is now time to try it out, have a visit, and stay awhile. The more people that do this the more grounded and real it will become. This is the key to moving to and merging with this reality and this dimension. Every time you are there you leave an energy signature, like a beacon and essence of who you are. When you are there your spiritual advancement and energy levels become limitless since when you are there you are not only yourself but also very closely merged with your higher self. So not only do you leave some of your energy there, you bring some of the fifth dimensional energy back with you as well. This linking of energies through you happens in every moment of each visit and when a particular point is reached you will be able to switch your consciousness and focus back and forth at will. At another point, as your consciousness increases, you will develop the ability to be aware of both dimensions simultaneously. It will feel like living parallel lives, one here and one there. For many this occurs before the ability to become consciously aware of it.


How do you recognize the fifth dimension and how do you know you are really there?


You must in the beginning form the intent to go there, and you must also in the beginning raise your energy levels to a point that is compatible, that matches the fifth dimensional energies. This will become more automatic in time. There are many ways to increase your energy to this level, the first, most basic and simplest is through meditation. You will know when you are in the fifth dimension by how it feels, you have never felt so good in all of this life, it will become almost like a drug, the world you are in now will feel heavy and disappointing by comparison. You will also feel the union with your higher self, they are there waiting for you, will greet you and become one with you. Through this union with your higher self, you will gain insights like you cannot now imagine, insights into your past, this life and others, as well as your future and potential timelines. Now the appearance of the fifth dimension is what will really be fun, this will be your first introduction to instant manifestation. If you think it will look like an empty void, it will, if you think it will look like floating through space, it will. If you change your mind and want it to look like every image and ideal of paradise or heaven you’ve ever seen, go for it. All of these things, that’s ok too. A lot of times at first it will look like which ever image matches the feelings you are having, drawn from your current experiences in this life. Once you are comfortable, change it, play with it, allow it to grow as your consciousness does.

Every person who makes this leap who ground their energy there and that of the fifth dimension here, makes the leap that much easier for the next one who takes this leap. We of the higher dimensions take so much joy in your development to these levels, it is the reason you are here and us as well, in this moment, to make this leap