Archangel Uriel ~ Serve From Your Being

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Monday, 6 June, 2011  (posted 19 July, 2011) 

The relationship between spiritual and material is the partnership between divine and human. It is a sacred partnership grounded in unconditional love in which each side contributes equally to a shared path of ascension. The human is not less than, imperfect or an undeserving vessel for spirit. And spirit is not separate, unreachable or disconnected from the human.The veil that exists between spiritual and material is based in fear and when you are within your being, whole and complete, you serve spirit and yourselves because your partnership is powerfully awakened.

There is an aspect of service to the human journey in the material world which is the vehicle through which spirit is able to express its energies. This is a shared journey when spirit is provided an opportunity to participate but that requires the agreement of the material energies. When this is not present, humanity struggles alone in the third dimension, without the assistance of spirit and the experience is difficult and painful. It was never intended for you to walk this path alone, unguided and without the benefit of your spiritual partnership.

Humanity has seen itself as being in service to spirit but in the aspect of dissolving negative energies through its own suffering and embracing the concept of the martyred healer to bring healing to the world. Yet this was never spirit's intention and any areas of separation are created by fear. The question to ask is "Where have I disconnected from spirit", rather than "Has spirit disconnected from me?" It is not possible to be disconnected from spirit; rather, it is through the reinforcement of the veil, through fear, that the perception of disconnection is created.

Fear blocks the flow of energy from spirit to material, separating the human from the divine and creating the perception of being disconnected. When you are living from all aspects of your being, continuously aware of the presence of your self as an integrated, divine, powerful being, fully grounded in your self, wholeness is created and awareness of spirit becomes possible as you feel the flow of unconditional love within and experience the unfolding process of miraculous living. This connection is essential to ascension, as is being fully integrated within your self and remembering the spiritual partnership that is always within you, waiting for your invitation to light your path.

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