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MARCH 4, 2011

Greetings dear ones, we come again to wish you a very happy time on your journey into enlightenment.  We wish to tell you that all is proceeding according to plan, and  earth is well on her way each moment toward moving into more light.  Every day that passes  brings more light to the earth through your awakening, although it does not look that way if the news is your window.  Many souls have awakened and grow weary and impatient with never ending wars and the profitable  businesses of war which continue to fill the coffers of those who promote it.  You are quickly arriving at a place within yourselves that no longer  accepts an energy that separates and divides but instead, are choosing that which allows you to see the Divinity of all- not just those who look, think, act, or believe the same as you do.  All are one with Source, all are here to learn and evolve, and all are a part of the profound experience going on at this time.

We would like to tell you that there will be some upheavals upon your earth in the near future, upheavals that are a necessary part of the energy shifts and clearings taking place.  Be advised that all who partake of these events do so having given their permission  before  entering in to this lifetime.  It was their pre-birth choice  to serve in whatever way they could,  to be of service during these evolutionary times so to speak, and nothing is random or without  purpose and intention.  Occasionally these kinds of choices are made to complete some karmic debt, which is then finished for the individual. We can assure you that there are no accidental deaths during these times in any of the events now being witnessed.  You are seeing the  willing sacrifices of those who have freely chosen to  help lift Gaia out of  third dimensional energy and into the fifth and they lovingly give their lives for the cause of enlightenment although most are not consciously aware of pre-birth decisions. We understand that it does not appear this way to you; you see the many lives lost, and feel  pain as you witness the destruction and suffering. Yet you must understand that there is a much grander plan unfolding here, and there is in reality, no death.  Death is the grandest  illusion of all.

Enlightenment is beginning to manifest as the desire for freedom and choice.  Those who have held  positions  of power by force will no longer be enabled to do it because the new energy does not support the domination by the few over fellow beings. These actions are  the activity of the old energy  dear ones, that which perfectly represents  duality and separation and has been used this way for  centuries.  Dictatorships and self serving power struggles of all kinds  are quickly becoming  unsustainable  because the energy  that held them in place has changed and will continue to change.  What is coming in now is an energy of Light, unconditional love, and oneness. 

Just as is happening with the banking industry, the energy that has been held old ideas in place is leaving and so all houses of cards must fall, don't you see?  Everything is energy and  everything is a manifestation of consciousness.  As  more and more are awakening, the  energy is  becoming higher and higher and the outer changes are begining  to reflect that.  Consciousness manifests in the outer as...which is what you are observing across  the world as a desire and struggle for freedom.

Enlightenment of the many is taking place and it grows larger with each day.  This  momentous event is the reason so  many beings from other planets and galaxies are observing your progress from their ships.   They are helping as they can and are encouraging you in more ways than you know, for you, the people of earth are accomplishing  a grand feat,  even though it may not seem  that way.  Be strong dear ones, be strong and push forward into what you are learning to be the truth.  Light is dissolving the shadows even as we speak.  Some shadows do not with to be dissolved, but that is  of no concern, for it is happening and nothing can stop it at this point.

We also wish to talk about the energy of change coming to your businesses and services.  Soon you will see new and positive unfoldment within the businesses of health, banking, education, culture  and all  other facets of living.  As the people of earth become enlightened, their ways of doing things will shift to a higher level.  Everything you see, hear, taste, touch, or smell is actually a Divine idea which is being interpreted and manifested according to the consciousness of individuals.  A world consciousness of duality and separation has up to this point, interpreted health, business, arts etc.  as you have known them-sometimes good, and sometimes not so good.  As mankind moves into a higher and more enlightened state of consciousness, these same ideas will begin to manifest in higher, more enlightened, and better forms.

All facets of life will be refined, manifesting on much higher levels and reflecting  this more enlightened world consciousness.  This gives you an idea of the future, and how it will not be the loss of all you know and love, but will instead be all that you know and love on a higher and better level.   Many live in a fear born of ignorance regarding  these times, believing them to be the end of all things.  It is only the end of the lower resonating interpretations of life, those ways of living that you have accepted for so long.  You will rejoice in the new dear ones, for it will be all you know and love and more,  but now lived and experienced on a higher and more enlightened level.

We are the Arcturian Group                                                     3/4/11