~The Ascended Masters: ~Transcendence is the key to escaping the low vibrations~

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~The Ascended Masters: ~Transcendence is the key to escaping the low vibrations~






Hello all Smile Ok, wow. This was a very intense experience for me. All day I had felt a mental ‘tug’ coupled with the thought of the Ascended Masters, so I figured I would give channeling them a try. I had no idea what I was in for. Initially I had no real interest in posting the message on the internet as many other Lightworkers including Sheldan Nidle already channel the Ascended Masters regularly. I just wished to scribe a simple short message from some dear souls who were wishing to communicate with me. Now, you may find that the message is rather long, longer than the messages I usually channel at least. This is because, once in the presence of our Ascended Masters, I literally did not want to leave. I did not in any way wish to stop channeling at any point, and I wanted to stay in their presence for ever. It is indescribable the way I felt, but just so wonderful. I hadn’t a care in the world, literally all I could feel was unending Joy and Bliss. I am not exaggerating here, this heavenly experience I have had with our Ascended Masters is so profound and deeply moving, I feel I will never be the same after having experienced it. Without further ado, I give this message to all in Love.

Blessings to all, we are the Ascended Masters! For so long we have watched you all struggle your way through your daily situations on Earth, and we want you to know that all is changing and being reformatted to ensure you never have to suffer needlesly again! Much planning has been put in to place for the final phase of your liberation from darkness.The energies of ascension have activated in so many of you, and so many are beginning to discover themselves in ways they previously never thought possible! We guide to you all that illusion is fading away, yes it is holding on for dear life but at this point it is swiming against the tide only to be inevitably broken away. We know this dear ones as we see all points in time, we have already watched and been apart of the darkness dissipating away and your resulting liberation! Time is such a difficult concept for many of you to handle, and it has mostly been due to how little you were actually taught. Your ‘schools’ only teach hollow information, and force children to memorize with their minds rather than process through their hearts. The ultimate goal behind this is to keep mind busy at all times so it is blocking your flow of attention to your heart. Couple this with being taught either manipulated or down right false information, and you have the dark’s agenda of dumbing down every new generation.

Do you understand how easy the manipulation of a generation is if one is in control of the flow of knowledge being sent to the children? Many are taught throughout their entire lives that mind and rational thinking are the only ways to understand information. Many have been taken away from their heart center as a result. We guide you all to begin reconnecting with your heart center, as it is the single most important aspect of re-igniting your godspark into your divine Flame. When your attention moves from mind to heart, this confusing world around you becomes clear. Illuision begins to erode and fade away as illusion is associated purely with mind and thinking only with mind no longer serves you. Everything you experience you experience because you have created it, and when you begin to grow as does that environment around you. Many of you know exactly what we are talking about, and can consider yourselves an example.

The Light is flooding every single corner of your world and is leaving no stones unturned. This is not just a planetary process, but also a deep personal process that will have you all illuminating those places inside of yourselves that you have kept in darkness for so long. There is no isssue or event that can be simply run away from, in the higher realms all is known at all times. When you begin to grow and see the bigger picture, running away from certain problems no longer becomes an option, as this will stalemate your growth. Your personal spiritual growth is termed on your ability to get past your third dimensional problems, they are not small problems in any way and in fact you are going through the toughest lessons here on Earth. But, as strong as you souls are, we know you can and are getting through these tasks , now so much easier since you have grown so much.

We are constantly monitoring the situaition on Earth and are insuring that things never get out of hand. There were many dark acts that even a few months ago would have been permitted without a second thought. We have assumed control and stopped many of the dark’s heinous activities against you all, we are making displays in your skies regarding the healing of pollutants to prove this. One has to be willing to look for signs from us and signs from thier guides, as once one tunes into these signs they will notice them everywhere. Many wonder of the phenomenon behind synchronocity, we guide to you that this is our way of direct communication with you all. We are restructuring every part of your known reality, and many of you are giving more help to us than you realize. Every time you have the intent to send Love, every time you even feel a positive emotion you are contributing to the Grid of Light and to the new Age. Positivity and Joy are the foundations of this new reality, so know that when you feel these feelings you are actually paving the foundation for your New Age!

As each day goes by your personal and collective Light is getting stronger and stronger. We guide you to be aware of this increase in your abilities, and know that transcendence is the key to your escape from the low vibrations. Transcending your negative emotions is just the threshold of what we speak of. When one is able to transcend every bit of pain, fear, drudgery and weakness that is holding one back, one will become a true divine transcendent being. We guide you to imagine what this would be like, to have literally no limits or boundaries beause YOU dissipated them away from yourself. Think of how amazing it will be to stifle that voice that is always telling you no, and to transcend from it’s influence over you. This is what you are heading toward dear ones.You are to become Ascended Masters just as we have!

Many wonder of the term Mastery, and think that it implies some kind of status upgrade. We guide that this is not true, but due to your third dimensional perspective we can understand why you would think this way. As we mentioned above, to achieve true Mastery is to transcend your lower vibrational selves, and be able to remain in center at all times while still being able to feel and enjoy every emotion that comes your way. Every ascended being is in fact an Ascended Master, there is no distinction between ascended beings and in fact our various channelers on Earth are actually speaking with hundreds of beings at once when communication is formed. We know this may be hard for some to fathom, but know that the fifth dimension you are heading to is so vastly different from what you are used to.

We would like to guide that all of you begin real and personal contact with yourselves. This can imply but is not neccesarily required or limited to your personal guides. You have all the answers within you, and many look toward channeled messages as their sole source of information. What resonates for some may not resonate with you, as you are all individual beings experiencing a different aspect of the one Truth. You are all meant to have different perspectives, and it takes tapping in to your own unique perspective that will see you placed on the ascension path. Follow your intuition in all situations dear ones, as intuition is knowledge from the Heart rather than the Mind. The Heart is where all is known, the Heart contains the higher dimensions and so much more. YOUR Heart is your inner universe, and of course we speak not of the physical heart. We speak of your Heart Chakra, the true torsion field of spirit and energy that oversees your transition into the purest form of knowledge, and this knowledge is your intuition.

At long last you all are begninng to remember yourselves, and not a moment too soon! As many of you look towards your galactic brothers and sisters for true liberation, know that this liberation exists within YOURSELVES and can only be brought out by YOURSELVES.

We Love you all so much, we send you our blessings at all times! Know that in your Hearts you will find us and many other ascended beings, angels, masters and whatever else you wish to call us. Step out of your illusory reality into our Love filled, Harmony driven existence!!

(Permission is given to post anywhere)

-Channeled by Wes-