ASCENDING through the BLISS of the MUSIC

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ASCENDING through the BLISS of the MUSIC 

Dr. Angela Barnett

The BLISS of this Transformation is the musical substance that sings with joy within every cell in the body. The Music of Creation is the Substance within the Cells of the human body. The more this substance is allowed to sing with Joy and Love and feel the BLISS of Transformation, the faster the body will transform into the Light of Music.

 This music will be heard and felt within each and every cell in the body. The more each person practices hearing and feeling this Bliss of Music within their cells, and then filling all of the atmosphere around the body, the more they will realize that they are actually going through this transformation into a new body that will appear in a new reality.

The new reality is a higher vibration, a higher frequency, a higher dimensional consciousness. The new reality is the Music of the Spheres singing the ORIGINAL SONGS of Creation from the Cosmic Realm into a different Fabric, a different Weave in the Light and Sound pattern of Cosmic Construction which allows a different construction of the body to manifest upon it.

The patterns of the fabric are different, the rhythms are more varied and brighter, the colors are neon spectras beyond the colors of the rainbow spectrum. The Crystals reflect the Music that was in the lower dimensions out into waves of plasma that create a more Etheric, Cashmere substance within the fabric.

This pattern within the higher dimensional Music reflects itself into the Consciousness of all who appear within this pattern. The Consciousness is so much lighter in this place that there is no more judgement, there is no disagreement, there is no reaction of any sort. There is only unconditional love in this pattern of music called the Symphony of Love.

This is the true substance of the Ascension. The Ascension that is taking place on Planet Earth is a result of the new music that is now flowing into Earth's Veins and Consciousness from the Ascension Portals and from those of the Highest Consciousness.This new Consciousness will be using these Portals for Ascension forever and ever.

Atmosphere of Love Divine

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This new atmosphere of Love Divine will sing songs of victory and joy forever more through a musical substance that sings itself into the Souls of all in this new Garden of Love.  The new pattern of creation is a Garden of Music. Every plant, every flower, every particle, every molecule in this new place can be heard singing the songs that have been planted in their Soul. This Music of the Spheres can be heard clearly and continuously in this new Garden of Music and Love. This is the reality that is Intended to be here by the Creators. I am the Creator of the Ascension Portals and I intend this Musical Creation to bring Eternal Bliss and Gratitude to and from all who know Gaia.



Dr. Angela Barnett