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Awakening Love/March 15, 2011

Channeled through LOVE REPORTER Eric Breault

Hello beloveds.  We are the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Light.  It is a joy to be working with all of you. We are continually assisting all of you through the transformation process that is playing out presently. This acceleration is going to be building in the next few weeks though the Spring Equinox.  This process is going to guide you to a higher state of consciousness.  As you move through the Equinox, you will notice that everything around and within you is going to begin to feel a lot more surreal.  The colors around you will be heightened and the energy will be channeling through you a lot more smoothly.   Embrace the higher energetic state that is ready to envelope your whole being in the coming weeks.  Feel it lift you to a pure state of consciousness.  You are all truly blessed to be experiencing these changes going on in all avenues of your present life situation.  Know it is so.

It is time to awaken to the love that you are.  Just allow the awakening of love to flow through you a lot more smoothly.  You now have the key to open the darkened door ahead of you.  Allow the energetic key to flow through you and the door ahead of you will open. This open door will guide you to a higher state of awareness of the love that you are.  You are truly ready to be true to yourself and others.  You are ready to see that all are one.  It is time for you to guide others to the doorway of love.  You are truly all brothers and sisters on planet Earth and beyond.  It is time to join the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Light.  Know it is so.  We are so thankful for the wonderful work you have done in the past decade.  All this work is going to reap rewards in the near future.  You are all ready to join us.  We are looking forward to our meet.  Keep up with the wonderful work dear ones.  Blessings of truth beloveds.  We are all one.  Namaste