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Pisces New Moon: March 4, 2011
3:46:50 PM EST

"The New Moon in Pisces has arrived just in time to help us integrate the spiritual aspects of the remarkable changes that exploded during the previous lunation in Aquarius (February 2). We are breaking through to a new level of human freedom on Earth. Aligned collectively by last month's stellium in Aquarius, the critical number of people is flowing with the new wave of the Aquarian Age wave that has barely just begun. Many realize this is the great awakening, and the completion of the Mayan Calendar. Wow! The consciousness activation is rolling out the red carpet for all of us during the Universal Underworld-March 9-not just paving the royal path for oil sheiks and cruel despots. Inspired by the remarkable bravery of our fellow humans, our hearts are blasting open as well.

The final Jupiter/Uranus conjunction during the New Moon In Capricorn (Jan 4) unleashed people to fight for their rights-and they are. Those of you who are not participating in the revolutions are handling similar waves of intense energy-fluttery, tremulous blue waves of light. The breakthrough is unstoppable because people will not pull back, since Jupiter is racing ahead in Aries and Uranus follows into Aries on March 11. The collective world is spinning into uncontrollable and sometimes joyful chaos, which will be the rule of the day during the whole Universal Underworld. The purpose of this reading is to see how we can use the Pisces New Moon to modulate, soften, and guide these forces toward a spiritual resolution, toward a further opening of global compassion. As for handling the new energy-ground yourselves, breathe, take long walks, enjoy the wild weather; be one with the awakening of humankind.

We begin with a recap of events since November 2010, when Day Seven of the Galactic Underworld (1999-2011), the fruition of technology, began. I think most of you will agree that we are evolving through technology-Internet, cell phones, Blackberries, Ipods, and Ipads. Now we need to assess the amazing connectivity we've created before we flow into the Universal Underworld on March 9, a few days after this New Moon. Also, you may want to reread my Winter Solstice analysis, which is an overall guide for the period we are reviewing. Since it is still posted, I don't have to say much about it, so we will review a few of the previous New Moons.

Recent astrological aspects have been simply mind-boggling. For example, this year's Winter Solstice (December 21) was explosive because it occurred fifteen hours after a close lunar eclipse in 29 Gemini with the Sun in 29 Sagittarius close to the Galactic Center. The chart indicated that this would be a hard winter of facing difficult truths and challenges, and I've been amazed by the bravery of the people fighting for liberty in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, and many other countries. And now in the Pisces New Moon chart, the lunar North Node has just moved into 29 Sagittarius, so the karmic aspects of the Winter Solstice lunar eclipse are going to manifest with this New Moon. That is, your individual contributions to the overall breakthrough will be called for during March.

These days I often wonder, do you realize how predictive Carl Calleman has been? Day Seven represents the fruition of technology, and who would deny that this is exactly what is going on? It is even bearing fruit right on Calleman's World Tree midline at 12 degrees E longitude, which goes right through Tripoli, Libya! [See The Mayan Calendar by Calleman.] The people of Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Iraq, Bahrain, and even the US are using the latest technology to activate very much needed revolutions. For example, in the US, the bankrupt Federal Government is now bankrupting the States, so they must take their power back-and they are. Social networking connects people on an unprecedented scale; it is changing the world and preparing us for Oneness. Right after the Galactic Day Seven opened in November, WikiLeaks released the diplomatic cables, and these disclosures ignited individual countries that could no longer avoid seeing how the Elite operates. WikiLeaks exposed the lies and covert operations in world politics, which ignited people's fervor to topple corrupt governments: It was one thing to suspect the Elite as opportunistic liars, but it galvanized people country-by-country when they could see how they do it. When Day Seven opened during November 2010, the US was getting the first hit of its eighth Saturn Return on the 1776 Founding Chart. During this Pisces New Moon, the US is having its second Saturn hit. The third hit and final resolution will be during September 2011, so the US is facing reality now-and the empire is toppling.

As the Galactic Underworld culminates, the fall of systems and structures of the National and Planetary Underworlds is unrelenting and stunning. Rule by kingship and fiat is over, and the gross inequities between rich and poor will have to be resolved. The New Moon in Capricorn on January 4 was a solar eclipse, which radically intensified the final Jupiter/Uranus conjunction that occurred a few hours after the eclipse. Soon thereafter we were horrified to hear about redwing blackbirds dropping out of the sky and dead fish washing up along rivers in Arkansas, and many people thought this was evidence for nasty technologies such as HAARP. Wild storms in Europe and America hinted that the Thermohaline Current is breaking down, possibly triggered by ocean disturbances from the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. The horrific shooting of Congresswoman Giffords and her supporters in a "SafeWay" parking lot forced many to see that minds made mad by anti-depressants, sensationalist media, and overly polarized politics are the real weapons of mass destruction in the US. As I said in the Aquarius New Moon reading, "Nature is dying, humans are killing each other, and even public servants are endangered; America's quest for global control under the guise of freedom is falling apart."

The Aquarius New Moon encouraged people striving for freedom and respect to take their power back, and they are! As stunning as birds falling out of the sky, weather going out of control, and the horrible shootings were, the revolutions in Africa and the Middle East are very positive. The courage and brilliance displayed by the people throwing off despots has given all of us hope for a better future on Earth. After all, we the people must fight for the birds, demand gun restriction, and call for an end to drugging the populace, since governments have demonstrated they don't protect the public. As you will see this spring, global control by the US is ending.

In last month's reading, I noted that Neptune in 28 Aquarius would be less than one degree off the 1776 USA Moon in 27 Aquarius until February 11-which turned out to be the day Mubarek stepped down! This was a final moment for the US to elevate its group mind-to choose peace instead of violence-and I actually think this is starting to happen, person-by-person. I've said on this site four or five times that if America continues to attack the world to greedily protect its own interests, eventually the violence will come home. The violence is escalating at home, and except for rabid gun advocates who are addicted to violence, many Americans are doing some deep thinking. I commented that you must distance yourself from those who live by fear and violence if you want to avoid participating in the building collective insanity. Each one of you must chose peace now that Neptune is no longer sitting on the USA Moon, and for those in the US, the most obvious way is to demand radical cuts in defense spending versus cuts in the last few social programs for the poor.

During the last few months, I asked you to think about whether you are participating emotionally and/or mentally in negative events. Yet, what is positive and what is negative? For the most part, events in the Mediterranean are very positive, and so many of you joined your consciousness with the freedom seekers, especially the Egyptians, since so many of you love the pyramids and feel your heart center is in Egypt. This is an early sign of the building Oneness. You must draw your consciousness out of negativities and join the positive flow because the Universal Underworld is going to throw everything into outrageous spinning vortexes. I said, "You need to be in the center of the spin with very strong boundaries in your aura, just like a whirling Dervish." Note how many of the Egyptians used the power of the whirling Dervish while they were in the middle of chaos in Tahrir Square! Well, those living in North America will need to be in the center of the spin next, which will be taking back power in your States.

The US is a lynchpin in the freedom movement because it
has used the desire for freedom as a means to control people all over the world by defining freedom as the right to go shopping. This slavish greed has transformed the US into one of the least-free countries on the planet. Yet, Saturn retrograde in Libra encourages us all to seek fairness and harmony in all the aspects of our lives, which is especially true for the US with its natal Saturn at 15 Libra. Saturn retrogrades over the USA Saturn exactly on March 9, the opening of the Universal Underworld! The US is about to become the center of the spin during the Universal Underworld because, among other things, it has the Great Pyramid on its dollar. Right now, Obama still hopes the US can prevaricate, but ironically, Obama inspired many revolutionaries in Egypt during his 2009 visit to Cairo and the pyramids. In a New York Times editorial on March 1, Thomas Friedman says that many young Arabs identified with this American president named Hussein who is free, rich, and black

Turning our attention to the New Moon in Pisces, we are looking for aspects in the chart that can help us spiritually integrate the vast changes I've just summarized. The world really has changed this winter, and now we must use the powers of our wisdom and intentionality to move these new elements to higher levels. During this New Moon, six bodies are in Pisces-Chiron, Mars, Sun/Moon, Mercury, and Uranus-which means our healing, power, feelings, identity, thoughts, and creativity can be used to activate compassion and spirituality. Uranus moves into Aries on March 11, which begins an 84-year cycle of transformation. Uranus was previously in Aries 1927-1935, a period of economic collapse and the rise of fascism, which led to World War Two. Uranus in Aries will probably inspire the collapse of consumerism, and a movement into new forms of social responsibility, so that meaningful work can return. Unlike the last cycle of Uranus in Aries, this time I see the end of organized warfare happening quite suddenly. On February 25, for example, exactly when Jupiter in Aries squared Pluto in Capricorn, the US Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates, gave a policy-making speech to the West Point army cadets. Gates said, "It would be unwise for the United States to ever fight another war like Iraq or Afghanistan…any future defense secretary who advises the president to send a large American land army into Asia, the Middle East, or Africa should have his head examined." [my italics] On February 15, American troops were withdrawn from the Pech Valley, a remote region of the Kunar Province that was central to the campaign against the Taliban and Al Qaeda. The troops were depressed because they felt their services and sacrifices were squandered. (New York Times, Feb. 24, 2011)

Five planet-plus the Moon-in Pisces encourage us to adopt compassion, an open heart, and patience for all beings as we deal with such massive and unrelenting structural change, which the final gift of Jupiter-square-Pluto in Capricorn. Next, Uranus in Aries will square Pluto in Capricorn seven times through 2015, so we know that deep transformational changes are coming. Sun/Moon in 14 Pisces quincunxes Saturn in 16 Libra, thus harmonic Saturn pushes us to integrate compassion emotionally and energetically; fairness is to become the prime motivation. Neptune is still closely conjunct Chiron, but they are finally separating and have done their work well. Many have processed deep core wounds and learned to spiritualize intentions, the basic preparation for the surrender to the greater whole, the path to Oneness. Neptune/Chiron trine the lunar South Node and sextile the North Node, so we can see how our individual wisdom flows into group agendas. Jupiter exactly squared Pluto on February 25, when Robert Gates shifted defense policy away from arrogant aggression to practicality. During this New Moon with the square still close, Jupiter in Aries is pushing for structural change, especially in the revolutionary countries. Egypt will emerge as a global leader this month because the spiritual field of the New Moon mirrors Egypt's collective mind. Mars in 8 Pisces closely sextiles Pluto in seven Capricorn, so taking action can continue to be gentle and compassionate. So far, few lives have been lost, which should continue. Mercury also quincunxes Saturn, so there is a strong push for intelligent and harmonic change.

The most interesting aspect in the Pisces New Moon is that Uranus in late Pisces exactly squares the lunar nodes. This is just before Uranus rolls into Aries on March 11 when the Universal Underworld time acceleration floods our world. When a planet exactly squares the lunar nodes (it has to be within one degree), there is a huge karmic crisis that occurs with the agenda of the squaring planet, and Uranus's agenda is revolution. All past information about the current event is open-South Node in 29 Gemini-and the North Node activates the planet's full potential for the current now-North Node in 29 Sagittarius on the Galactic Center. Uranus rules transformative processes, and he is most advanced in the 29th degree. Uranus in Pisces since January 2004 is transforming us into spiritually awakened people for the Age of Aquarius during the end of the Mayan Calendar. So, Uranus in Pisces squaring the nodes pulls in all the information we need through the Gemini South Node, and then it targets consciousness through the Sagittarian arrow that shoots to the Galactic Center.

As usual, the drama in the sky is totally synchronous with the Mayan Calendar, so have wonderful celebrations for the Universal Underworld on March 9. Gerry and I will be participating in a nine-dimensional opening of the Universal Underworld in Bellingham, Washington, at Wise Awakening, and our circle will send consciousness to all of you. Don't forget to tune into the Spring Equinox on March 20, when we will already have a sense of how the Universal Underworld feels!"

Barbara Hand Clow