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God said:
When you are a treasure in My heart for all time, what can happen to you but love? Yet love is not a happening, do you understand Me? Love is a Our Very Being. Love doesn’t just come out now and again. Love IS. Love surrounds. Love emanates. Love is more than any attribute. In Truth, Love cannot be singled out. Love doesn’t fall here and not there. Love knows not imagined time and space. Love is not forgetful. Love cannot be hastened or slowed. You are housed in love. You are forever love.

Anything that is not love is not true. This sounds arbitrary to you, yet Love is, and it never is not. Love is to life as blood is to your body. Love exists, and love exists strongly. In the world, love seems to be ever-changing, going up and down, right and left, here and there, yet Love is a constant. There is no shaking love.

However, you do not always observe this on Earth. In fact, dear ones, love is far beyond observable. You can observe a rose. Love emanates from a rose the way the sun shines in the sky. Love shines all over, yet love cannot be pieced. Love is whole. If We want to call love your aura, it is an aura that extends around the Universe and back again. Love is never skinny or rare. All of existence is love whether you are aware of it or not. Too often you are not aware. Keep a look-out for signs of  love, for love is never missing. That you exist is proof of love, even as love cannot be proved. It is the same for Me. I cannot be proved. I simply AM.

Love cannot be quantified. Love is love, and love is immeasurable. There is no tape measure for love. There is no stepstool to reach it. It can’t be counted, two love, three love, four love. One Love is. The world is more than full of love, and, even so, love seems lacking, and all crave it. Ah, the world.
The world covers up love. The world is even sometimes embarrassed by love, as though love could be a fool’s errand. Rules are made to keep out love. In the world, love is a wiggly-waggly line with breaks in it. The world is proud of the separation of love and state. The world does a cover-up. The world tries to say that love is not legalized, that love is bootleg or some kind of contraband, that love belongs in one place and not another, that the shades must be pulled down on love, that love is like the crazy aunt who has to be watched and not let out except under guard.
Love has been locked up like a prisoner, as though love can go only so far, as if love is illegitimate written words between lines on paper, pages that can be flipped and then put away and taken out only now and then. Love in poetry seems acceptable under certain circumstances, yet love is underplayed in life in the world, as if love is not quite acceptable. Love has had a bad rep. Love is even described as losing your heart whereas love is more about giving than losing. Love on Earth is often characterized as romantic and tragic and a shot in the dark and not exactly reliable. What strange ways to identify love as though love were for special occasions when love is for every day. Love is not a well that goes dry.
Love is not a wound, beloveds. Love is okay. Love heals, doesn’t wound. Love is inseparable from life. Let your love out. Let your love free. Born of My heart, what is the Truth of you but love, so love. Give it and don’t hold it on a leash. Don’t keep your love in a closet or a locked desk drawer. Hold your love high. Believe in love. You can give love, yet never deplete love or be without. It makes no sense to withhold love, for if you try, you withhold it from yourself.