The Best Way to Predict the Future

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     Throughout human history, there has always been a fascination with predicting the future. Whether it was through ouija boards, psychics, magic 8 balls, pendulums, mayan writing interpretations, and the list goes on, they all can serve the same purpose: predictions.

While these can be amusing, or used as a short-term stepping stone, they usually are not the best tools to really assist in "spirituality" or "awakening", or whatever other label you want to put on being your true self. The present moment of Now is all we ever really have. Is it not always Now? There is also a difference between reading that and living it. To live it means opening to self discovery, which seems to scare away egos, but we are all strong enough to overcome that and get to know our beautiful, true, and REAL selves. So what is the best way to predict the future? Don't! But if you insist on doing predictions, at least do yourself (and everyone) a favor and do something each day to actually CREATE and make it happen instead of just sitting back and waiting.... Love you all, Isis

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