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Grandfather #10

By Love Reporters Sanat Kumara and Peter

Jun 15, 2011 - 4:53:05 PM

Grandfather #10
Sanat Kumara and Peter



Peter: Grandfather, Thunkashila, it's me. Grandfather, I ask you to look this way for a moment while I'm making prayer ties. Please Grandfather speak, if it is your desire to do so.

Grandfather: Aho Kholá, this is I, Grandfather Sanat Kumara. I come in the light of the One.

I see you heed my words, and you work with tobacco as I taught you to work with this sacred plant. It's good that you do not pray for yourself, as you are taken care of. I decided to come back again today to check in on you and so I am. Yes it is time that I speak again, so you may be able to give to your brothers and sisters what I have to tell them.

Chelas, the big changes are coming for you now in a way many predicted and many anticipated. These are indeed the times where good things are around the corner while we walk together through this tumultuous events. Know my friends, that the elements are here to usher in the inevitable. These are the times we prepared you for, so to enable you to be of the utmost help for your brothers and sisters in dire straits.

Many will be faced with pure horror, fear and trouble, but you have to know, there is no demons and devils around you, the only demons and devils are inside you, and fear is the least of the helpers. Know, that the elements are your friends and they come here to help you. But [their] help is not always perceived as help, but it nevertheless is, just your perspective is too small to be able to overview what is happening beyond your understanding.

[(Peter: this came in as a comment when transcribing the following day. I am not 100% sure if this was also Grandfather or an other celestial or just me, please discern for yourselves.)

Knowing that the elements are your friends will put you in place to ride the waves without bringing yourselves in harms way. There is no space for hope in this concern, neither for overestimation, but with reverence, humbleness and a deep conviction of one's relationship to all, the wise will surrender to the forces of nature. This is no dancing on the volcano, it is a dance with the volcano.

We do not controll the elements, we ask them to be of service like we ask you, but lack of control is a thorn in the dark's eyes as manipulation is but one of their prefered tools to keep you subdued and busy at the same time. As they strive to manipulate the weather without working together with the involved elements, they actually are provocing the very forces they tried to use against you to turn on their tormentors.

What goes around comes around, and for some, creation is going to put on her ugly face, even though there is nothing ugly in creation, there is only ugly in the eyes of the observers, forcing them to view their surrounding in the light they shine - black light. But there is something magical concerning black light, it makes the lighter colours glow brightly in the dark while leaving no room for shade.]

So it might seem at times, that all hell is breaking loose, though, nothing could be further from the truth. Indeed, it is the heaven which is about to make an entrance into your worldly lives again. Now heaven does not come as painted in one of your romantic masterworks - don't get me wrong, they are beautiful indeed and they have had their time of accuracy, but this time is no more and heaven has put on it's armour to come for those who choose the dark.

Chelas, we warned you and we asked you to prepare for this very moment.

When I commissioned my people to keep the fire burning, I knew what they would be up for. They decided to take on this task whatever the costs may be. And so the white men came in vessels made of wood, and they took away everything they deemed of value, and still they come today in iron eagles, to take away my peoples traditions and their lives.

Though my warriors are strong there are not many anymore, and the rows were filled with friends from above, below and friends like you, and thus you became part of my people, embedded deeply in my work for the well-being of this planet. You did well in this roll, as the mother is finally able to let go. [She too is now surrendering to the higher forces of the universe and she would never risk her life, but she knows that the next step has to be taken. (see above)]

In this respect, your job is done. Mother finally protects herself again and she is about to shake off all that is hindering her ascension. Know in your hearts, that this would not have been possible without you jumping in and filling the slots of those who went before, and who gave their lives so others may live, who gave their lives so that we have a place for prayer and a future.

Keep those in your prayers too, thank them in gratitude for their service, these brave brothers and sisters. They deserve your utmost respect and love. Many of those died alone in poverty and lack of the basic needs. Many of those were killed by starvation and cold, but the worst suffering came from the loss of their connection to the Great Spirit and their own traditions. Many fell for the temptations offered freely by the invaders, while others simply walked away.

Oh Chelas, there is no reason to blame them, as this was one of the hardest tasks ever, and some of them walked away not for walking away, or not because they gave up, but for the only way to show the emptiness and the unavoidable, to wake up others so they might step up and grow into their powers. Remember, most things are not what they appear to be.

So give thanks for those, as we give thanks for you. The final task was always that you remember your origins and find your place in the web. There is no demons and devils around you, the only demons and devils are inside you.

The times have changed my dears, and now comes to show what is in your heart. Don not be mistaken by the expression it might take as the outputs will be as manifold as there are souls, so nothing you see in these days is necessarily true nor untrue, as this is the twilight before the curtain falls.

Now, the elements had been asked to do the ultimate, and you should be aware that the elements I am speaking of are not of your species and so [they] posses no such thing as free will, believe me when I say that they will fulfill whatever they were asked to, no matter what. This will be seen by many as catastrophes and doom, but it is not what it appears to be. We told you and I tell you again, that all your loved ones are protected, as far as it is in compliance with their choice.

In the hours to come, when the mother is rolling, your brother the wind, will blow away all what is not grounded and anchored deep within the Great Spirit's love. The water spirit will rise once again to take away all that which is not built on solid ground of the Father's will, and the fire spirit will purge everything not of divine purpose. Be in tune with them, they are part of the creation as are you, and so you are part of them.

So relax now. Relax, as there is nothing more that you can do right now. Be in peace and in your powers. Relax. You stood so many times in the starting blocks, now step back and hold on for a moment. This is the time to only be. Relax into it. Be the Being. All your struggle was but a moment in time, so forget about your struggle for a moment.

You will be called anew. Knowing when it's time to rest is as much a value of a warrior of mine as the knowing when it's time to act. Now it's time to rest. We will call you to step up again once the bells are heard, and once you can see the thunder and hear the lightening.

You did well, chelas, my dears, you did well. I am Grandfather Sanat, Solar Logos and head of the Kumara family. I place my seal on these words. Aho Mitaque Oyasin.