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Blossom Goodchild


April 27th, 2016
Blossom: Whoop dee doo! Here we are again … In High spirits, ready to receive in order to give. Go for it.
The Federation of Light: In accordance with that in which we choose to give … and therefore, for many to receive, we offer this day a challenge … of sorts.
Blossom:How exciting.
The Federation of Light: It is to be that in future days your widespread thoughts are to be of interest to those who had not been ready until these current days … and in order to allow intrigue; for the purpose of awakening that which sleeps within … may we suggest that a time frame for your Ascension be provoked?
Blossom: Provoked?  Gotta Google … ‘Stimulate or give rise to (Yet, it does say to annoy etc.) You sure that’s the word you want?
The Federation of Light: It would not be in our interest or our BEINGS to wish to provoke anger … yet, we do indeed mean ‘To stimulate or give rise to.’
Blossom: A time frame? You don’t like to work with ‘our time’ … We are treading on very dodgy ground so early in the piece are we not?
The Federation of Light: No, Dearest One.  We are now within a period of ‘your time’ when Energies are fulfilling their desire and creating a stirring within Each One. Reactions differ greatly to these Energies, yet indeed, they are stimulating the senses/sensors and bringing a KNOWING of Truth … An understanding that things are ready now to step up to the plate as we believe you say?
Blossom: Yes. Yet, why we say it I do not know! Gotta google!
Lit.[For a batter in baseball] to move near home plate in preparation for striking the ball when it is pitched. Fig. to move into a position where one is ready to do a task.
Well there you go. So what exactly are you getting at my friends?