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Blossom Goodchild


August 6th, 2016
Blossom: Good morning. I’m in a quandary this morning. Last night I got sent a video of a large Mothership appearing in Columbia.
  1. Looks impressive.
  2. It happened at the end of June. How come it hasn’t gone stupidly viral?
  3. Another person did a video on the fact that it was a hologram/false flag/false alien invasion.
  4. How come my heart does not let me KNOW the TRUTH?
  5. Therefore, not wanting to be a fear forwarder … just wanting to get to the bottom of things … what are your views on false flags etc.? And if I can’t FEEL THE TRUTH … how am I supposed to suss all this out!?
  6. I’m not depressed … just call me Mrs Confused of Noosa!
The Federation of Light: We are aware Dearest Soul that you have made the intention to bring forth only the Highest Truth, as you always do before communicating with us. Yet, there are certain matters that simply would not be beneficial to discuss and this is one of them.
Blossom: Why?
The Federation of Light: Because of its delicate format.
Yet, isn’t it important to us humans to get to the TRUTH?