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The Federation of Light 


Blossom Goodchild





June 18th, 2017
Blossom: Hello, Oh wise ones! A question was put to you by a gentleman regarding last week’s channelling. In that, you said Mother Earth, on a scale of one to ten … was seven.  Which surprised me, as it was so high. His query was … when was it at six?  For instance, if it was back in the Renaissance era, we have a long way to get to ten … and it won’t be in our life time, which he found quite depressing! Do you understand the gist of the question, in order to give an answer? 
The Federation of Light: Greetings to One and All … Each One of you Magnificent Humans, dwelling upon Earth at this time.
Blossom: And Greetings right back at you. WOW! Instantly, your Energy today feels so Light and uplifting. Let’s go for it!
The Federation of Light: In answer to the gentleman’s question … IT MATTERS NOT.
Blossom: Oh, he’s just gonna love that! Considering he mentioned that he’d like some clarity, ‘something of which’ he felt, ‘you were not that fond of.’! (In a humorous way.)
The Federation of Light: Yet, the Truth is, Blossom … THIS IS THE TRUTH!
IT MATTERS NOT. His concern is, as to what year it maybe when ALL can wake up feeling at Peace, without it being so hard … and when Your World is in a place of content and Joy. The Pure and simple fact is … whether you like what we have to say, or not … with respect … You can have that NOW. For there is only NOW.
That which Everyone feels they are working toward, is available NOW. You do not need to wait another ten, twenty, or a thousand years!
Blossom: Yet, our world is not in a peaceful place NOW … by any stretch of the imagination.