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Blossom Goodchild


May 5th, 2016
Blossom: Hi once again … All set?
The Federation of Light: We are willing and always Happy to oblige in communications that allow for the upliftment and pleasure of the soul.
Blossom: Many are Happy to catch the Happiness Bug and spread it as far as possible. In fact I am going to do a video for Happy Human Day (July 20th) which I thought ties in nicely with all you are speaking of lately. I am asking people to send in clips of them being Happy Humans … What do you think?
The Federation of Light: Dearest Lady … whatever one does … in any sense … to bring about Joy to themselves and ALL is always accepted in our realms of existence. For it is understood by now … we Trust … that anything that has the intent of LOVE and JOY running through its veins, serves the entirety.
Even a thought of Good Intention, although it may not be carried through into action, serves to assist the upliftment of ALL. Yet, to carry through to an action, multiplies the Energy and brings about CHANGE in Vibration.
Let it be understood too, that Vibration changes within /throughout every moment … every thought. Sometimes, it can be felt on a certain frequency that brings ecstatic Happiness and at others, it may feel like that of downheartedness. Never the less … Vibrational ‘pull’ is controlled by YOU.
You may enter into a situation where by the Energy of the room or a person is not ‘up to scratch’ with the one that YOU are ‘swirling within’. It can easily be that one allows themself to lower their frequency … or simply get ‘pulled in’ … to that lower ‘pool’ without consciously being aware. Before one knows it, they too, are thinking negatively … slumping about feeling sorry for themselves and uttering terms of ‘Why me? Why me’?